How to Source Screens for the IHG Method

How to Source Screens for the IHG Method

A major part of how I grow microgreens is the use of SCREENS. I am the source for these now. See below on how to get them. How I use them is demonstrated in the video. A huge reason I created this video is to help those who are asking me questions about the screens along with other questions on how I use them. So, this video is for those who have questions.
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There is no longer a link. I am the source. To order, email me:

Pre-made kits sound good? Shoot me an email and ask me for the ordering information:

If you want to know how to grow microgreens like I do, I wrote a book on it, “Microgreens – Intense Hydroponic Grows” aka The IHG Method:

Black & White Paperback Version –
Color Paperback Version –
Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

I am an affiliate of True Leaf Market and recommend them highly for great quality microgreen seed. Won’t cost you anything extra to purchase using this link, but it does help support the channel so I can keep bringing you content. You can reach True Leaf Market here for all your seed needs:

I am also an affiliate of Mars-Hydro LED lighting and recommend them highly for quality LED grow lighting. You will receive a 3% discount, if you use my HGMB code, over their regular pricing! Mars-Hydro Website:

Check out my Amazon Store. It contains everything that I use in all of my gardening & more adventures including microgreens and hydroponics. So, when I talk about anything that interests you and you think, “Hummm, where can I get that?” Well, it’s all right here, you pay nothing extra for using it, and it’s always updated!

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  1. Hello Brent, I bought your book earlier this year and only now got the chance to read it. I was consumed by the straightforwardness of your writing style, thank you sir! Unusual today to get solid information without page filling BS anymore. I enjoyed your humor as well! I am also sending an email about screens. I wonder if you could tell me a little about the green weighted tray cover at the end of the video? I think I would much prefer that to styrofoam covers. Thank you for what you do, have done and likely will do for us in the future! Once more, thank you sir!

  2. You said you would tell us where you got the screen in the details below, but all i saw was to send you an email for details and cost…when i clicked on your link it took me back to this video…hard to figure out…if anyone else has contacted him and found the source or how to order thru his Amazon acct. please let me know.

  3. Hi Brent! This is an amazing technique and I'm acquiring everything I need to try it out. Working on starting a micro biz after 25 years of selling into the Foodservice industry. Laid off due to Covid…the best thing that ever happened to me. Hoping to get more healthy food to inner city kids. Thanks so much, you and CoreysCave are my favs on YouTube!!

  4. I saw you said where you would list the mesh you bought. I see nothing in the description or a description under your video at all. I was also looking into wicking mats. Could you list under my comment where you have links to the mesh, I am finding it very hard to source!

  5. I'm about to look through your videos for a cleaning all screens video to reuse. God bless you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ for it is written;

    1 Corinthians 3:6-8 King James Version (KJV)

    6 I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.

    7 So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.

    8 Now he that planteth and he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour.


  6. Brent, Also, I had to watch a ton of growing microgreen videos before I found a method that makes as much sense as yours. I tried growing on window screen though had problems with the seeds falling through. Thanks for posting this video.

  7. Brent, Bootstrap Farmer offers deep and shallow trays and the one in the video looks like a deep one. Do you have a preference, and why? Also, Super-Screen now sells screen by the ft though they want an arm and two legs for FedEx Ground. Did you say you were willing to sell some, both 17×14 & 17/20?

  8. Brent, I watched the video and looked in your Amazon Store and do not see information on the purchase of the screens you supply for 1020 mesh trays. I am interested in both the coarse and fine mesh materials. Can you provide more information or point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  9. Hey Brent, very Nice channel. We are producing microgreens on coco and it becomes a lot of waste. So mesh would be a brilliant way to go. But how easy is it to clean? And how many times can you use them? Could you use them for NFT tubes you think??? Keep up the good work. Best regards from Norway🙂

  10. I'm new to microgreens and gardening. Can you reuse the screen? How do you get the roots out? How do you measure the screen to fit exact? Do you have a method? And what do you use to cut it? Regular scissors? Also, for bigger seeds, are the roots able to be pulled out of the mesh bottom trays? I'd hate to have to buy a new tray each time I grew a tray. I saw your cutting with the electric knife video. But how do you remove the roots that are inter woven into the mesh bottom of the tray?
    You have a great method of growing. I like it so much better then dirt.

  11. Thank you for sharing! This has been the biggest hurdle in my own process. I use flood trays to bottom water in an effort to automate the watering cycles and even using coco, I have issues with mold and pests. I'll have to give this a try!

  12. Hi Brent. Could you please list the McMaster-Car part numbers for the mesh you are using? I found food safe mesh on their website, but not in the dimensions you mention. Thanks for sharing such great info!

  13. Is the 17/14 black screen your medium size you grow all your brassicas on?

    Do you think the 17/20 black screen size would be correct to grow the smaller amaranth/ lettuce type seed on?


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