How to Size a Carbon Filter for a Grow Room

How to Size a Carbon Filter for a Grow Room

We show you how to choose the right carbon filter for your grow room. Is it really important to change the air every minute? We go over that and ideal temperature & relative humidity.

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  1. im a bit confused what size carbon filter would i need for a 120x120x200 tent im using a 600w led and do i need to cover the tents air vents and buy an intake fan if want to hide odor or will i be safe forgetting about the intake fan and just leaving the air vents uncovered as long as i have a carbon filter in the tent i no its probably a dumb question but im really confused id be thankfull for any advice

  2. Hi I smoke in my room as it only place I can or garden any ways I’m building grow box in my room the. Putting tent in side So Carbon filter question do I have to fit duct to vent for out side air or can it all circulate in same room as I don’t wanna sound stupid but a carbon filter is what it is and should do it job I was was thinking it wouldn’t matter if I smoke in same room plus vent in my room blocked but window open all the time so don’t reall wanna have ducting hanging out my window

  3. How do you suggest venting the in the winter months? It's to cold to vent outside in a window. Can I cut a small hole Into another enclosed room in my grow area and use that?

  4. I'm a little confused , why do some people change the fan Around to have it on the outside , and some people reverse it with the fan and filter on the inside . I'm confused on what these methods exactly do ?

  5. I live in a state where recreational marijuana growing and smoking is legal. So the odors of my grow tent need not be completely masked. So to cut costs of buy a carbon filter. Can I buy cut to fit activated carbon filter sheets and out them around and inside the end of my grow tent's exhaust duct?

  6. I just got my 4 inch duct fan for my room thanx for the vid. and i would love to see how you ph for different grow mediums like rockwool, coco, soil, ext… i know alot are the same but would just like a different opinion if there are any out there


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Daikon Radish Harvest

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