How to Setup OxygenPot System (Ebb & Flow)

How to Setup OxygenPot System (Ebb & Flow)

We show you how to assemble an Oxygen Pot System (Ebb & Flow). This is a complete installation video from start to finish as well as an Oxygen Pot System review on its functionality. If a bucket system ebb and flow is what you’re looking for, then the Oxygen Pot systems grow is for you. Let’s dive in! Click here for more details on this hydro setup ►

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  1. Some soapy water made with dawn will be better than any petroleum product to help insert fittings and it won't hurt your plants or your rubber fittings. WD40 seems like one of the worst things you could use as it is toxic to plants, and may cause damage to rubber parts as WD40 is not a lubricants it's a solvent.

  2. I can’t find proper instructions for my new OP system anywhere as now they don’t include instructions with the gear. Now the reservoir, pumps and controller itself are all different and much of what’s shown here doesn’t apply now. For $670 shipped I expect proper instructions and not incorrect info for virtually every component. Very unprofessional and I won’t be ever be purchasing their gear again until they provide proper info. 4 outlets controller are now 2; old multi valve and hole reservoir is single valve and pumps are different. You’d think it would be easy enough to figure out but it isn’t as it seems like I got a hodgepodge of random parts that don’t fit. Oh well buyer beware about oxygen pots.

  3. If I buy two of the complete 12 pot systems can I fit both in a 10×10 tent? (24 pots total in the middle, with each reservoir on opposite sides of the tent?)

  4. I was wondering do the plants in the front we see the same amount of nutrients as the ones in the back do the ones in the back receive less I was wondering if it was like an nft system we're the ones in the front seat receive more nutrients than the ones in the back unless you have the correct pump and they all receive the same on an nft so would it be better to use a bigger pump in your Reservoir so it can supply the water faster to the to the ones in the back also would it be better to use a bigger pump in the return bucket to drain it faster so oxygen will be pulled through at a faster rate to the top of the buckets any help would be greatly appreciated before I do any purchasing thank you for your help

  5. No one commented on how the picture showed a full loop around the buckets with T sections to fill the buckets and in there demonstration they connected bucket to bucket?? so what is it? Can you connect bucket to bucket, should you connect bucket to bucket?? is loop better??

  6. Which outlets fo you connect the fill and drain pumps. There's a total of four outlet on the controller, but no indication of which outlet is designated for which pump. Thanks a bunch for the help!

  7. great vid. one criticism though; i would use Petroleum Jelly instead of WD-40 to lubricate the fitting. WD-40 will have some chemical residues that are toxic to plants, usless you want to spend time cleaning the WD-40 off…..




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