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How to Setup a Tent Fan and Filter Setup Tutorial | Growtent Design | GrowAce – Indoor horticulture requires fresh air exchange because it benefits your garden and plants by renewing the air, keeping a constant atmosphere and scrub smells.
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  1. Or just open bottom screens if the tent has it, and the fan and filter at the top. Just need an oscillating fan for inside the tent to move air around. Have a hygrometer, with sensors and put in different areas/heights in the tent to monitor the environment.

  2. The exhaust fan should be between the cooltube/aircooled reflector and carbon filter.

    If you put the fan on the end of your ducting, it pulls in the extremely hot air from your HPS, and also unfiltered air from small cracks in your aircooled reflector / cooltube. They're not airtight.

    It's better to push the air into the hot reflector, it reduces odors too.

  3. New grower. In process of setting up teng. I have a 5×5 grow tent with carbon filter and exsaust at top. I am run a 480 & 320 watt quantum board. I have couple clip on fans ad well as a 12 inch wall mouht fan. Do I still need to have air intake to being cool/fresh air into the tent? If someone could help would greatly appreciate it

  4. NEVER place the fan after your light, becuase the warm/hot air will destroy your plastic fan.
    Always place the fan before the light (in between filter and light) and let the cool air get blown trough the light.

  5. Does anyone use a Can Filter for clean intake air for a double ended hood in tent grow with a carbon filter, what is the recommended placement for the accessories please anyone with any guidance. Thank you for you time and help in this matter. Happy Growing! Cheers, Derek

  6. And where does the Intake Can Filter goes outside the tent with the intake fan too?? Have a fan on the outside contacted to carbon filter/hood. Thank you for your time and help anyone. Happy Day Growing, Derek

  7. How do you attach / fasten grow tent vent around duct? It looks like you're using some kind of plastic rings there, not just fasten vent straps around ducting, correct? I couldn't find information about those things.

  8. I have a temperature controller for cooling and heating so can I use the heating side for my heater and then link my intake fan and two exhausts in to one plug to go in to cooling plug on my controller? Unsure how to wire the intake and exhaust fans as I believe I wire them all together if this is correct?

  9. hate to tell you this buddy but your whole setup is wrong whats the point in having a filter if your drawing direct air from the lamp to the fan nothing is going through the filter at all the only way to properly use a filter with lamp vent is to have the filter outside the grow room.that way all the air flow leaving the grow chamber is filter.. your just recirculating dirty unfiltered air. if that's all you wanna do all you need is a fan and some flexi-hose. by the way heat will raise to the top so you wanna have max air inlet from under your plants drawing everything up.if this is yoursetup I can see why the plants at the start was is much stress

  10. Lol folk's if you don't filter air input! You stand a higher chances of mold insects and other diseases! This is something commercial grower's don't want you to know! They make less money if you grow your own!

  11. You need to put the fan before the grow light…… if you put it after your sucking hot air into the fan causing more heat and wear of the fan it self. If you put before the light you push cold air over the light instead of suck..

  12. Wtf. Your advice is the worst I’ve seen online. Never suck air from coolhoods. Always have a stand alone system just for hoods.
    Get a speed controller to adjust fans.


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