How to Setup a Indoor Grow Room

How to Setup a Indoor Grow Room

We show you guys how to setup a indoor grow tent. We cover how to install the intake and exhaust ducts. We setup a carbon filter, and also an HID light with a ballast.
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  1. with only using two fans, it would be better to use BOTH for exhaust. one vertically, at the top of the room like you have, …and the other one for exhausting the light's heat thru the horizontal ducting that connects to the sides of the tent.

  2. close holes to stop bugs, timers are great for when your not home… wtaf lol close holes to stop light leaks and the timers are needed to give a proper light cycle not just when nobody is home lol.

  3. WHAT DOES GROE ACE SAY:: YOU ONLY COMMENT ON OTHER BS COMMENTS BUT OTHERS SAY THE SAME THING BUY YOU DONT COMMENT. THE VIDEO IS BS, THAT GUY HAS NO CLUE HOW TO SET UP A TENT. THE EXHAUST DUCTING IS TAKING UP POO PRECIOUS FLOOR SPACE COMING IN AT THE BOTTOM TO ONLY GO THROUGH THE LIGHT. THAT, IF SET UP IN THE VIDEO SHOULD COME FROM THE TOP OUT THE TOP SO THE DUCTING ISNT IN THE WAY OF THE PLANTS, Why dont Grow Ace comment on the carbon filter-ducting-light-ducting-exhaust fan on top of tent with passive intake via bottom vent holes this way you pull the air through the filter and the heat out the light with one fan seems more efficient and less electricity and less cost because you one need one inline fan not two at probly 100plus a peice.

  4. Better filter your air input! Or sooner or later you will get mold and or insects. Also bring all electrical wiring through upper whole. Water and electricity doesn't mix well!




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