How To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture System

How To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture System

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It’s easy to setup a deep water culture system because it is not tricky but certain details are easy to miss. A deep water culture set up, or DWC, is a hydroponic system that’s so easy to put together that people overlook the maintenance. Check out the video and see what it takes to run a deep water culture hydroponic system. No real DWC instructions needed either!

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  1. Just went through our first grow with a DWC GREW 60 plants. All I can say is this. DWC is very expensive and you have to stay on top of everything because it can get out of control quickly. Shalom

  2. More important then reverse osmosis and temp is cultivating microbes and make your res light tight! Hydro guard by botanicare, or voodoo juice and tarantula from advanced are a solid platform to start with! Definitely 100 percent more important than h2o2 or temps. I have seen water temps at 27 celcius and still have pearl white roots. That was with 2 air lines to each bucket with micro bubblers and hydroguard

  3. Never put ice in your dwc bucket your roots will touch it and be shocked from the cold from the ice, only put ice in a res witch the roots don’t sit in with the ice. Rdwc can use ice in the res not a dwc.

  4. I’ve never heard of air line tubing called “ONE FOURTH INCH” 🤔. FYI…It’s really called by name…“Quarter Inch” tubing. Yes, I get the Math. I’ve just never heard the numerical fraction words used as its name. 😎

  5. All I'd like to know is do i really need a vent system for the tent or can i use a fan or something and what the heck is a chiller and what does it look like. when some 1 says chiller they dont show it or they ned ever post the link to it on amazon or to the place they can buy it

  6. Jaaa first you try to come with some amazing trick and you finally make the worst error you can make it. If the roots touch the ice will stress it so will hurt your plants.
    Ps: you said you have a chiller but you didn't show how to use it in a dwc system

  7. DWC causes my plants root rot as it's hard for me to maintain a steady water temp with our weather here. Where I live, we can experience every season within one day so it's very hard to establish a consistent environment.

  8. Do you really need pH up? When is the pH ever going to drop below 5.5? Also, if you're going to start growing don't forget about the little things. Personally I forgot to get a thermometer now I'm stuck guessing water temps. I might throw my hygrometer in a bag in the water that's all I can think of.

  9. From 1.24, you state to keep lowering water level to give the roots a reason to grow further.

    Is the only way to do this is by manually lifting the lid up all the time and check or is there a less manual and better method of checking root growth to water level?


  10. My alternative would be get 1galon bucket grow em as big as possible for that bucket and switch them out to a 2 gallon. Bucket for the other half of the. Growning

  11. So when changing out Nutrients and have you plant on a clean Bucket while washing out the old one correct and adding, how often. Do you feed every 3 days every other week and clean Out bucket for fresh set


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