How to Set Up a Basic Flood and Drain (Ebb & Flow) Table for Hydroponics

How to Set Up a Basic Flood and Drain (Ebb & Flow) Table for Hydroponics

A flood and drain hydroponic system (aka ebb and flow) is a cost effective setup for any indoor gardener planning on scaling their production. Watch how to make your own hydroponic system in a few easy steps! This is the easiest ebb and flow setup instructions.
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Written by Grow Ace

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  1. Nope. Never used an epp and flow system before, have you? It shows. Who the hell is going to disconnect the water pump tube and manually drain the table over and over? Come on man, if you're gonna do it, do it right.

  2. To drain your tray simply remove this drain nozzle so you’ve got automatic system that you have to manually drain the other hole is simply there is a overflow people you don’t put the secondary nozzle in place when the pump stops pumping it drains back through the pump too much of this content with people that don’t know what they’re doing This is something that could completely destroy someone’s grow hopefully most will see this is the obvious solution😡😡😡

  3. Just change out the drain line with a DIY bell siphon and your done… it'll naturally flood and drain over and over all day long… can add an additional drain as an emergency encase the bell siphon clogs.

  4. There are many factors in studying home aquaponics. One place I discovered that succeeds in merging these is the Keiths Ponics Site (google it if you're interested) definately the best info that I've heard of. look at this interesting resource.

  5. Dumbest shit I've ever seen. You don't manually drain it 🤣 you turn the pump off with a timer and let it drain backwards through the pump back into the reservoir haha

  6. He forgot to mention to use clay pebbles otherwise the roots will die and the cubes will grow algae. Another way to prevent algae is by putting a cover on top of the rockwool cubes.

  7. Bro, why are you pulling the drain fitting to drain??? Just unplug the system and it should drain back via pump side unless you have it blocked up or setup incorrectly.

  8. I found a way of simplifying and have done 6 runs testing it as well as keeping my moms on it…
    instead of drilling two holes and adding the expensive flood and drain tubes and grates simply drill one 2" hole on one side (not bottom). Make your table uneven so water flows from one side to the opposite where the hole is situated. I put 3/4" thick polyester batting on the floor with a long tail running out our 2" hole straight back into the reservoir which is positioned to silently catch the water flowing along this tail. Make a T pipe with many outlets to feed the table on the high side by placing it under the batting. Water will work its way down to the hole…. as the plants grow, they will block the hole and the water will rise higher in the 15 minutes the pump is running, as it takes longer to fall out the restricted hole. I have managed to make 2" thick roots like this. A simple pump sits in the res and feeds the Tfor 15 minutes every 6 to 3 hours (getting shorter as the plants grow larger). You can check it out on my chan.

  9. why can't you just use a mini sub pump attached to a timer to drain the water out somewhere weekly and replace it with the reservoir water at the same time using another sub pump attached to the same dual outlet timer

  10. uhhhh manual flood and drain? Looks like a pain in the ass plus most people dont have time to baby sit their hydro system, a timer would make this alot easier and use a air pump with a air stone to circulate the res..just my 2 cents

  11. hope you can help? I need to get a flood table for my 4×4 tent. will a 4×4 table fit perfect or do i need to get a smaller table like a 3×3 to compensate for the lip around the tray? need to get as much room out of my table. Thanks!

  12. Hello! I have one question for you.. +GrowAce

    If I use timer for my Flood and Drain system, How long should it be on and off? or maybe it's not needed?
    Because I use PVC pipe but still it has Overflow pipe.

    So for example; The pump will be on at 06:0009:00 then off until 18:0021:00 it will be on again.
    What do you think? Please help me 😀

    Thank you and its great to see your vid! Its easy and fun to watch
    Regards, Aken

  13. this video is good quality and he knows what he is talking about. this was the only good video on ebb and flow that I have seen sor far. and you can see what this guy is really doing!

  14. sooo yah we totally would like a step by step video explaining how to build an automated flood and drain system. if you could also give any ideas on how to over come the issues of a low ceiling, since the reservoir being under the flood tray adds a bit of height. Hit that like button!


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