How To Propagate Squash Cuttings

How To Propagate Squash Cuttings

In my squash breeding program, I saw where the SVB was killing off many of my squash. This particular squash’s seed squash was no where near ready. I wanted a backup in case the SVB got the plant which it eventually did! This squash plant was special because it tested much higher in brix than it’s siblings and sweetness is an indicator of quality. Oh, and it tasted fantastic too. So, I researched online and everything I read said it can’t be done unless you rood the vine attached to the plant first. This isn’t an option for me the way I grow them so I gave it a shot. It is looking good so far.

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  1. Lol. Ok i subbed and i am doing this today. I havehad massive success in rerooting and it's awesome bc not only can you preserve good genetics but obviously if a plant doesn't have to grow feom seed it produces quicker. Not only that but you already know what the plant is goi g to be like. If you have had difficulty using said plants you can ammend it with different growing metjods

  2. I see this was 4yrs ago eeeeeek…but found this video bc uugghhhhhh i am soooooooo mad at myself i wasn't paying attention and thought I was pinching off a leaf from my pumpkin vine and pinched the lead vine off😳😳😳😳😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 can I root it?? Can i save it?? Is it basically the same u did in this video?…i have a hard time with my females every yr & this had a newborn female on the end & uuugghhhh just makes me sick!!!!! I wannna cryyyy lololol

  3. Sorry I hastily post that because I bought he video was ending and I’d lose what I wrote … anyway basically I feel a squirt bottle with water and then just put a little bit of all the other things in it and they all have a reason for them being in there and they’re all OK for your plant and you so I like that a lot better than some toxic spray and… I’m not just saying that you guys should use this because I feel like it I actually tried it and it works very very well !!

  4. I came up with a really really good insecticide antifungal spray if anyone is curious it’s Cold pressed Neem oil, water, peppermint essential oil, hydrogen Peroxide.

  5. I just tried this too and decided to see who else did because…. surely it would be on YouTube (Not like I needed to save this the squash are going nuts on my balcony and I don’t even have space for them but I broke a piece off so I stuck it in some water) 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. Your right this was interesting that you can root squash. I would imagine like zucchini , yellow ,…etc you have to wait for an old squash to extract the seeds and do it by seeds. But being able to clone with cuttings is cool for squash. Does it work on all summer and winter type squashes ?

  7. I'm gonna try this with a pumpkin seedling that is dyin. Do you think it will work? I really hope it does even though I have nine others. I honestly planted ten with intentions that some wouldn't grow but never underestimate the magical pumpkin! Have a wonderful day!☺



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