How To Package Microgreens for Sale

How To Package Microgreens for Sale

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It’s funny, I’m not really wanting to sell microgreens, but I like the idea of potentially doing it. I’m really caught up in developing my vegetable varieties right now, but in my spare time, I have flights of fancy and this is one of them. For those of you interested in a microgreens business, here’s my first thoughts on packaging.

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  1. For the first time I have to make a negative comment about one of Your videos Brent. By showing the price that You are able to grow Microgreens for on Your Youtube video. You are potentially putting tremendous downward pressure on what people hoping to grow them commercially will able to sell them for!

  2. Be aware that if you are planning on selling commercially that you will need to check with your State Department of Agriculture that your facility meets State Standards. You may also be subject to an inspection from a State Inspector.

  3. Nice packaging. I am finding that increasingly shoppers at my farmers market want to avoid single use plastic (so do I) – it's hard to find something that is more environmentally friendly and shows the product well. PLA plastic is an option, but a little more pricy and what's available doesn't always best suit the product. While compostable, PLA requires higher heat than most backyard composters will create, and cities don't want PLA mixed with traditional plastics. What to do…

  4. another option that is becoming popular is to sell the greens in squares un-harvested, like in a plastic tray. giving the consumer the opportunity to cut off what they wish and add to their meal.

  5. I agree that it is cheap and efficient packaging. I have found one of the most desired forms of packaging that looks professional is plastic clam shells. All the better if it is produced from recycled materials.

  6. Presentation looks beautiful. I've never been into the clamshell packaging. Someone commented on one of my videos that a farmer at market was killing it only selling pea shoots. I imagine a farmer who sells both blonde and green would do well. Thanks for the awesome video!

  7. Brent, I like your logo design. I don't think many people know what to do with microgreens. It might be helpful to get a square label and print a recipe that your family uses to help sell the product. I like the clear packaging.

  8. just some thoughts
    I started with the bags, then moved to the clear plastic clamshell. they stay fresh longer in the clamshell vs the bag. The other container that people are wishing is the one made from corn starch that break down in land fills easily. I got better prices from local restaurant supply than amazon.
    I also use a for trade certified digital scale, I have some issues with the kitchen scale.
    most people can't understand the reason for the blanched green and think they are spoiled if they aren't robust green.
    most like the peas before they get woody so they can be eaten in a salad.
    Curtis Stone has a fair amount of info in his book "The Urban Farmer" about selling microgreens


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