How to MAXIMIZE Microgreen HARVEST of Cabbage the IHG Method

How to MAXIMIZE Microgreen HARVEST of Cabbage the IHG Method

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In this video, I demonstrate how to take cabbage microgreens to a whole new level.

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  1. Brent ~ I just started getting into microgreens about a month ago, thinking i would grow and sell at the Saturday market. That is how i happened onto your method of growing…i like it because there is no soil and no other medium involved…just water and a screen….i went looking for a screen of some sort to do my practicing and a friend came by who works at a dairy and told me they have this perfect, food grade, mesh they use to strain cheese.
    She gave me some scraps which i have been using and it seems to work great. I am not sure how tiny the 17-20 holes are but this is good enough for lettuce seeds. I looked all over the internet to find the exact screen she gave me and finally found it in Toronto Canada. I think the cost for a 5 x 5 piece is around $.02 If you are interested i can send you the name of the cheese making supplier. Thanks for all you share. Maybe soon i will be in your group, i have been subscribed to you since the first video i watched of yours..Keep up the good work.

  2. Brent, I just ordered the color version of your book. Can't wait to get it. I am trying sunflowers and so far I get mold and a foul odor and have had to throw out. I am hoping your book can help me. I am also starting spotted pea shoots, popcorn, Red Arrow Radish. Thanks for all the info. Aloha from Hawaii, David O

  3. Your wife is one lucky gal – she found herself a man that can laugh at himself.
    I am on social 'security', so since my car ins will be paid off by the 3rd of Nov, I will be able to order your book.
    Thanks again, I have subbed. 🙂

  4. Hey Brent – love the channel and am sincerely impressed with your system and yields. I just purchased your book and am eager to dive in. Several times in the video you mention a discussion group… is it on Facebook? Is it only for folks who've bought the book? Thanks!!

  5. Hello. I think it was you the one i asked for some seeds in one of your videos…For one month i did not have a computer and the guy who was fixing it took for ever to fix it and returned to me…plus i lost my beloved dog, sasha, my companion friend for 13 yeas…it was so painful…anyhow…i can not find the video reply where i had the address so i hope it was you…please let me know if i have the right person. I live in Houston, tx. thanks

  6. Increased transpiration = increased growth is not anicdotel. Some cannabis farmers using led grow lights in the early days figured that out the hard way (some still haven't). They figured out the lower temps produced by led lights kept the temps in their grow rooms to cool for effective transpiration. This caused stunted growth and lower yeilds. Most attributed this to led lights being less effective than hps and metal hallide lights. The smartest growers realized to raise the temps in their rooms to compensate and cause more transpiration and boosting yeilds.
    Awesome video and even more awesom yeild and set up.

  7. Thx for sharing that Video! I would suggest, that you try Composttea as Fertilizer… If you use it with the screen grow method, would be interesting to see the results.

  8. I love the idea of growing more densly to maximize the growth capacity. Even with the anti fungal one of the things I have found to help reduce mold for fungus to to do bottom watering. This will help to reduce that.

  9. Dang Brent! You seem to have all the bases covered. I was thinking "I wonder if you could heat seal the edge of that screen, to stop the fraying?" and then you said it!! Great grow!!




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