How to Make Your Own Pepper: Saving Hybrid Seed

How to Make Your Own Pepper:  Saving Hybrid Seed

In this video, I show a simple technique to create your own vegetable at least a generation quicker than a simple cross. First, you need to find a hybrid pepper, tomato, or whatever that you really like. Then, it’s a matter of saving the seed and being picky with your selecting process. I cover it all in the video!

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  1. can I save the seeds from Mama Mia Giallo F1 pepper it says hybrid but what is the outcome you think, the same or a completely different pepper?

  2. Although seeds are often sold as hybrids many of these are in fact not hybrid.  Most people know, planting or raising anything hybrid from hybrid stock is a gamble because the characteristics of the plant or animal can drastically change from the parent stock.  It is my opinion that seed sellers may be labelling non hybrid stack as hybrids for there own reasons.  Anyway… the bottom line is don't be afraid of saving hybrid seed to grow as often they do come true to form.  On occasion you may get an inconsistent mixed up crop which confirms the parent stock was hybrid.  With patience and years of work even these mixed up genetics can be straightened out to give you a consistent predictable variety.

  3. If an armed gangster attempts to prevent you from planting seeds, you can serve your fellow man by composting the gangster, converting a nasty parasite into useful nutrients. Non-violent plant-hating gangsters may be capable of learning.

  4. Hi Brent, I'm just coming back to this video. First, it's a really great one, like most of your videos, it's such a shame it doesn't have more views, and you haven't more subscribers.

    I just have a question: Are all the seeds from a plant the same ? Or are all the seeds from a fruit the same ? Or is each and every seed different ? What I mean, is that if you save seeds from your F1 tomatos, will the seeds from the same plant give the same F2 or not ? Or every seed, even if it's from the very same tomato (fruit), will get you different F2s ? Thanks Brent !

  5. So do you self pollinate your pepperplants like your video shows with the tomato plants? CrossBreeding? Then save the seeds deom that would it be considered a F1 Hybrid?


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Water Parameter updates for a mud crab fattening system using vertical farming methods

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