How to Make My Super Antifungal Microgreen Spray (Newer Version Also)

How to Make My Super Antifungal Microgreen Spray (Newer Version Also)

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Update: I’ve got another newer version that doesn’t use neem.

I’ve gotten much better at growing microgreens. So consistent, pristine, and with massive harvests based on some changes I made that really set things off. I decided to write a how-to book on it. This antifungal is quite valid and now in my book as my “Super Antifungal”! It’s gotten so many great comments since being listed here. I outline how to use it with my new style. Oh, and remember, you can go organic with Dr. Jacobs or Dr. Bronner’s soap instead of Dawn.


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  1. Thanks for such a great video! New microgreen grower here, and I'm curious do I rinse this off after I put it on my seeds? I'm trying sunflower microgreens and I keep getting mold during germination. I've seen many spray with a hydrogen peroxide mix, but I prefer to stay organic, so this is great!

  2. emulsifier…. is the word you're looking for…Also the dawn acts a surfactant which is to say it makes water wetter by breaking surface tension….allowing for quicker and better absorption

  3. Just a quick question on this, I copied the recipe you used here, and when I checked PH after adding the powder, the ph was much higher than 7 even. My tap water comes out at 7ish ph, ppm around 70-100, and I usually lower it to 5.7-6.0 for watering. Do you aim for a higher more basic PH for the antifungal spray? Or does your water come out slightly lower than 7? I realize now I haven't seen you check ph or ppm in your videos, but just wondering if maybe you did it a lot in your past and now just have a tried and true method 🙂

  4. Hi Brent, will this mixture help to reduce mold in blackout period? my broccoli (well all small seeds) has in blackout period this spider web mold (no roots). Thx

  5. Thanks for the information you sharing, it been very helpful.however I an having constant problems with die off on my amaranth and beetroot microgreen crops, to the point of it feeling really hopeless.
    Have you used this mixture on these crops with success? And do you have any other advice on these two crops to help me overcome this mould and die off problem?

  6. So you spray this solution on your greens as they grow, not just once right? Do you spray water on them after this mix has sat on the plants for like 30 mins?

  7. Hi Brent! Thanks for sharing your experience, much appreciated! Regarding the "dawn-discussion" below: maybe try Lecithin instead. It's a natural emulsifier and used/certified in Food industry. It often comes as powder. I'll give it a try myself, since I had trouble with fungus/spores. Can let you know how it worked out.
    You said you use it for soaking phases, too? Do you use the same ratios there or do you have a much milder mix (what would be my first idea)?Again, thanks for sharing your hands-on videos, they help a lot!

  8. Hello from Norway, is it posible to use something else then potasium bicarbonate, and dawn soap Im asuming normal diswashing soap could work to but basicly I only have acsess to oregano oil here, thanks

  9. Hi there! I watched your video last week and went online and ordered the ingredients. Everything came, I mixed it up but the oils are still floating on top of the spray bottle no matter how much I shake. Should I add a few more drops of Dawn? Thanks

  10. Hi Brent, do you know if your anti fungal decays with time? I plan on growing on a small commercial basis and so would like to make up a 4 litre batch at time. Thanks for your reply, Mike

  11. Hello Brent,
    i can't find potassium bicarbonate in my country and I can't order it online due to import restrictions, can i just use Sodium bicarbonate

  12. I just started using your anti fungal spray and was wondering if there is any after taste from the oreganol. I will be selling live micros at my local farmers market

  13. Hi brent, do you recommend the AF spray for growing microgreens indoors. I'm new to growing microgreens. Currently living in a small apartment, it'd be tough to spray and rinse the microgreens everyday. Let me know!

  14. Hi Brent. I'm new to your videos! They are great!!! Many thanks for the information!

    You rock! I just have a few questions, kindly find below:

    1-Can I use baking soda instead of potassium bicarbonate? Is the formula ratio any different?
    2-Can I use Organic Castille soap instead of Dawn?
    3-Do you spray the formula every day, like early in the day, and then rinse it off with water later on?

    Thank you in advance!
    All the best.

  15. Hi Brent. been following this channel for a while and i'm ready to try growing micro greens! thanks for all your great info. One question: I'm assuming that when you mix your anti fungal you are mixing it with 1 litter of water in the sprayer?


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