How to make a downspout grow box / Cheap and Easy DIY Hydroponics / off grid

How to make a downspout grow box / Cheap and Easy DIY Hydroponics / off grid

I grow all kinds of baby greens in vinyl downspouts (everyone always calls them gutters). The 3″ x 4″ works best. Easy DIY hydroponics. Like a kicked up version of the Kratky system.

EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. WOW – Hi, I recently retired and live in Arizona, would the water to additives be any different ? I have a covered patio to grow under -can get blistering hot so I thought a portable stand with that downspout idea would work..

  2. I just subscribed to your channel and have been binge watching your videos! Ingenious! Thank you for sharing them! I’ve been reading other people’s questions and your replies regarding chemicals leaching into the water and your reply made so much sense. Please disregard my earlier question regarding that, and keep sharing your wonderful videos!

  3. Hi Mike, I really like your rain gutter gardens and want to start doing this! But I have one question, Is the plastic used in making the rain gutters safe to grow food we consume? Like, does the plastic leach harmful chemicals?

  4. Don't try to do this outside if it's windy where you live. I had 40 – 50 km/hr wind yesterday and lost 6- 8 weeks worth of growing. The nets pots, pool noodles and yoga mat circles simply blow out of the downspouts and buckets or the whole thing just blows of the shelf. Came back home and everything is dead.

  5. Never mind my question in other video asking what size hole saw I need.🤣 I've got answer here. I'd like to say thank you, you're so nice. You have commented every single person. Awesome 👍👍👍 from Calgary, zone 4, AB
    ps, been buying expensive hydroponic stuff since Covid, I got scolded by my husband. Since I know you, I cancelled and returned them and bought 1 green pool noodle from dollar store. He's so happy now, thanks again 😂🌱

  6. The temperatures in my area (northwest Florida) sours to 80 to 100 degrees. I have decided to insulate my downspout grow boxes so it will keep the mixture cooler and can control the ph balances.

  7. Just received shipment 1 of 4 of my hydroponic downspout! So exited. I have plants ready to go in and would have never done this if it wasn’t for your videos. You’re amazing! It came with the nutrient mixtures as well which is huge for me since I’m a beginner! Buy one get one free folx!

  8. Mike, are you still selling the finished downspouts? If so, how much are they? and do you sell the fertilizers as well? I really like your channel. Glad I found it. Keep up the good work!

  9. Just found your channel yesterday. Went out and got a downspout and made 4 of these. Cant wait to get started. Thanks so much for sharing your information.

  10. I have my gutter all ready to be drilled. But our local hardware only had 1 3/4 hole drill bit in stock. I am wondering if that would work as well as the 1 7/8? What do you think?

  11. Hey Mike!! Big shout out to you from the West Coast! caught a bunch of your videos and instantly became jnspired!! I ordered my Masterblend Kit and it surprisingly arrived two weeks earlier than mentioned. I used your link btw. Also went out and got my downspout and put your system together!! ready tontranspla t a lot of my Collard seedlings that have been growing in my pots!! videos coming soon!!

  12. I really like your idea of using a vinyl downspout for a hydroponic container. Much easier that the 4” PVC pipe that is in everyone else videos. I was looking at the PVC as a container and the supporting structure to hold them in place. PVC requires so much more supporting structure to keep it from rolling. Then there the additional cost of adding end caps, the round surface on top to place the net container, etc. With the downspout, just folding of the end, no need to seal. The downspout is 60% cheaper than the PVC with the end caps. With the gutter, you are able to make more water available with the flat bottom vs the round bottom of the PVC tube

  13. Where do you find the 5×4 vinyl downspouts? I can only find 3×4 vinyl downspouts, and I really want to keep to a rectangular shape… The smaller 3×4 ones work but for peppers and Okra plants are just a little too small and I get small peppers.


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