How to Make a Downspout Garden Part 2 / Common Questions / Gutter Garden / DIY Hydroponics

How to Make a Downspout Garden Part 2 / Common Questions / Gutter Garden / DIY Hydroponics

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How to Make a Downspout Garden / Common Questions / Gutter Garden / DIY Hydroponics

My video on how to make the downspout grow box is kind of old and a little vague. I get a lot of questions so I will be answering them in the next few videos. This is part two where we will discuss spacing and drilling the holes and an easy alternative to heating and bending the ends. After that I will unbox a food grade NFT channel that I had ordered a few months back and never opened.

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  1. Thanks for the video! I'm setting up an aquaponics system and was looking at a cheap way to do NFT. Ill probably go with a regular gutter and fill it with gravel since that's cheaper here and bigger

  2. Hi how’s it going? Enjoy watching your channel. I was wondering. Can I do 15’ in long pvc system with the static water process? I noticed you usually just do 4’ sections. Also, what is the best nutrients to start with? Much appreciate if you could help. Thanks!

  3. Your so kind with your time. Thank you. I plan on making one. The only thing different I would try it melting one end and installing a end piece on the other end. Plus I would spray pain outside to reduce chance of light causing algae

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 Should have watched it again, I folded the ends before making the holes. I also cut at three feet instead of thirty inches, but I just started so no big deal. Thank you for the videos!

  5. Just another idea for the ends that worked really well for me and VERY easy. After you cut your holes and clean out the downspout, take your pieces inside, bring a big pot of water to almost boiling….tilt the spout and just dip the bottom of the spout in the water for about 15+ seconds and place on counter with bottom up. With a gloved hand, make a fist and push down on end and mold. May have to double dip if needed.

  6. I just made eight of the 30" units last night. Another Pro Tip for your next video update……I also made a similar wooden jig (like the one you use to hold the spout to bend the ends). I found that using it to hold the entire grow box while drilling the 1 7/8" holes worked fantastic. It kept the downspout stationary while drilling the holes – keeping it from moving or spinning. Safer and easier for everyone!

  7. I watched a guy take off his thumb when he forgot to put the guide bit back on his similar style cutting device. The drill instantly skipped off the surface he was cutting and the thumb was history. He never saw it coming. He was a fireman and never went back after doing dispatch for a few months. Sad….just took one distraction. Maybe wear a thick leather glove on the hand that is holding the gutter.

  8. Hi Mike in England we only have 65mm (2 and half inches) square down pipes, Could you please tell me what drill cutter I need and how far apart I make the holes. Thank you


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