How To Keep Tomato & Eggplant Cuttings All Winter

How To Keep Tomato & Eggplant Cuttings All Winter

It’s a simple concept really. Keep the plants stressed by cutting roots and foliage once in a while. All you need is a pot, a window-sill, and some light water-soluble fertilizer. Pot, prune, and re-pot. It’s important to use a humidity dome over your plants if they haven’t rooted. You can use a ziplock bag draped over a pot for that if you don’t have a dome. Rooting hormone improves rooting. This how-to is how to do what I do. :O)

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  1. Brent just came upon this awesome video. Do you need any special equipment? I’d love to try this. My garage isn’t climate controlled and I really do not have a window that gets really great sunlight. Suggestions for a new overwinterer? Thanks!

  2. Hi this is inspiring! Just wondering when you mentioned "chippings", did you mean cuttings?
    I assue have to dip the cuttings or suckers in the rooting hormomes and then pot them up? Thanks very much!

  3. Very cool idea sir! I was just wondering if you kept them inside your house or a greenhouse? I just found your channel but after seeing this I subscribe right away. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. I love this regular trimming approach! I will do that this winter. I'm just afraid my LED grow lights will accelerate growth each time, but I guess they are needed to keep them healthy.

  5. I love your videos. Thank you for sharing your experiments. Respect Could you please experiment with DANDELION microgreens. The most underrated "weed" imo. I can't find anywhere anything about DANDELION microgreens. I started experimenting myself with it, because i love to eat it, but im still a rookie in microgreens, hehe, so it would be great to see what you can accomplish. Thank you for all the good work.

  6. Pretty cool Brent, it's not easy keeping these all alive through the winter, especially in cooler regions. This will really help a lot of people.
    So wish we could get the cheap Peat moss here,, I use it for cutting too when I can afford it.
    Enjoyed the video.
    Thanks mate
    Marty Ware (Australia)




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