How to Grow Sunflower Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow Sunflower Microgreens the IHG Method

I now know I can grow Sunflower Microgreens hydroponically and without any medium or substrate.


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  1. Hi, great series of videos you have here – thanks for sharing. Just wondering, what is the dry weight of sunflower seed you use here for one tray? I saw something but wasn't sure if it was wet or dry weight. Thanks a lot – and do you have a cilantro video?!

  2. Hi @Brent. That's a good yield you got from the tray but what was the weight of the dry seed you started with? Sorry if I missed this in the comments or video already…thanks!

  3. looks great, though that is a lot of "stem" – personally I try to just get as much leaf and less stem as possible – the nutrients are in the cotyledon leaves aka microgreens – if selling, your customers will appreciate more greens and less stem – just my .02 cents from my own experiences

  4. thank you for sharing! very helpful! I have a building with 11,000 sq ft basement which is 90 years old. I think it will make a great place for growing.

  5. Isn’t your outdoor washing (and then harvesting) the least clean thing that happens to the sprouts throughout their life? Indoor hydroponic growing on clean equipment seems much cleaner than outdoor garden hose on wood table. Isn’t it possible you’re making them exposed to more harmful biologicals that way?

  6. Hey Brent – Love your enthusiasm and willingness to share info – great work! One question for you, – When you spray your plants/seeds with Af spray, do you leave it on them, or do you wash them off later?

  7. When you kept the seed in the jars and soaked them for another 18 hours – did you cover the jars so they were in darkness like you would if you had them in trays and under the plastic cover? I was wondering if all your no medium crops could be germinated in jars and then transferred to the trays later?

  8. Hey Brent, can you please reveal what's in your nutrient water. I've been MGing for about a month now and find it fascinating. Right now I use 10 x 10 trays holes/no holes and potting soil with peralite. I interested in trying with so substrate at all. Please give me some guidance of where to go or what to do. Leroy

  9. Hi I am from Quail Tracks Micro Farm in North East WA
    For months now I have been watching 100’s hours of You tube Micro greens videos and learned a lot from all the hard work people have been kind enough to share. I have recently found an easy solution to the Sunflower hull removal problem. It works great for me and I would encourage you to share it on your videos, after testing it for yourself, please mention I shared it with you. I cannot do the video’s myself but really enjoy yours.

    Sunflower Hull removal
    When the Cotyledons come out and still have the hull stuck to them, move the tray to Bright intense light, being careful not to burn or wilt the plants. The cotyledons leaves want that light and will by themselves kick the hulls off within 24 to 48 hours. When most of the hulls are gone move the plants to dimmer light to get the growth you want.

    Small hull removal
    Everyone I have seen “Pets” the tray of greens to get the hulls off, to bad because the greens were pristine before the hand was put on them. Better idea – wear disposable plastic gloves when petting to remove hulls that way the greens stay clean and eatable right from the tray.

    Another idea I like better and use for my greens is using a “basting brush” to paint, tickle, or jiggle the hulls off. The old basting brushes were harsh and bristley had firm bristles but the new ones at Dollar Store or Wallmart have soft brush parts. They are only $1.00 to $4.00 and worth it. I keep it by the trays and take 5 seconds to tickle the plants when I think of it. They look like colorful small paint brushes.
    Keep up the good work, QTMF Owner and wanna-be farmer

  10. You may want to experiment with uncovering earlier. The would get taller. I've also eaten them after the first true leaves have formed. I'm growing on a layer of unbleached muslin. Much cheaper than coir and other substrates. Biodegradable.


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