How to Grow Romaine Lettuce in Hydroponics with a Pool Noodle

How to Grow Romaine Lettuce in Hydroponics with a Pool Noodle

How to Grow Romaine Lettuce in Hydroponics with a Pool Noodle / DIY Hydroponics

This is by far the easiest way to grow lettuce. There is no need to till the soil. You do not have to worry about weeding. All you need are some transplants, a container with nutrients and believe it or not, a pool noodle. Vegetable gardening for beginners using a pool noodle hack.

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  1. Really like your channel. Ive learned a lot and have had success with the kratky method. How long would you say you can go out of town with bigger greens in a downspout?

  2. Hoping you can help me with the reason my lettuce are failing after about 3 weeks using a 2 litre juice bottle with the top cut off to take a piece of pool noodle. The 6 bottles I used as a trial were painted black to keep the sunlight out, the 6 plants grew well for 3 weeks then died. The roots were a healthy white in the nutrient but brown in the air space above the nutrient. On some the root had completely rotted off. I live in northern Australia, thank you.

  3. I just clicked on this one Mike because lettuce is one of the easiest veggies to grow and I was curious to see what you had to say here. What solution do you have going in that downspout? Looks like a very easy method!! I like the space saving elements of hyrdoponics gardening!

  4. Can I ask, with the pool noodles, by time you squeeze them into the hole, they close up a bit. Should the seedling be loose, or sitting firm, and what happens as the plant grows. I have done some with the small piece put in the centre, but im concerned what happens as the plant gets bigger. THANKS

  5. Mike, I love the downspout that I purchased from your etsy shop and I would love to purchase another one. From the pictures, it looks like one of the downspouts has six holes, instead of five. Are you offering those as an option now? Or do they all come with six holes? An extra growing hole would be awesome! 🙂

  6. Hey Mike.. I've always loved this idea from day one. I think in that length piece you show in this video.. you could stagger/alter the position the opening a bit a get 7 plants in that same piece. As always..great vid, great idea, great presentation.

  7. Thanks for the videos Mike. You inspired me to try the downspout/Kratky method, and it’s working really nice.
    Why don’t you grow lettuce from seed like you do with the rest?

  8. Hey Mike, thank you for the video. I am growing basil in hydroponic system as I started for the first time in my life after I watch your videos.

  9. Mike, I haven't yet tried the downspouts, but would like to. I am curious about how often you add nutrients and how you keep enough liquid in the downspouts when the roots grow longer and need more air space. Could you talk about that someday? Also, could you grow greens in the downspouts indoors under lights? I am thinking it would work and would fit in my grow closet (barely). I also like the idea of 6 holes instead of 5.

  10. only one thing I didnt like is the frog.. I have always been scared of them.I have a question, do you use the same nutrient solution for all the veggies you grow?Can I just add epsom salt? Thank you so much for your videos..

  11. Great idea even for us basement gardeners growing under the lights. I've even be re-growing store bought, Hydroponic Grown Basil. Just put the entire plant in a noodle and stuff it in a 1/2 coffee creamer bottle, (cut the top out first). And don't forget the nutrients!

  12. I’m doing a major overhaul on my front area. I’ve been fighting to keep my fruit trees alive. Come to find out my soil is extremely alkaline. So I’m doing major amendments

  13. I started my Kratky Romaine lettuce on the 21st. I am in your neck of the woods and although it is cooling just a bit I'm still worried they might bolt. I thought about bringing them in for just a week or so, I have a few of Brads lights. I'm growing them in a shallow tote so I don't have to refill the solution so often. I need to drill that overflow hole to talked about, excellent tip! Are those bunching onions to your left? I haven't done those yet, need to, I use a lot of onions. Grow what you eat.




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