How To Grow Rambo Radish Microgreens the IHG Method

How To Grow Rambo Radish Microgreens the IHG Method

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Rambo radish isn’t as prolific as Daikon radish, but it’s definitely more beautiful. Super enjoyed this micro-grow.

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  1. I have problems growing Rambo purple with damp medium only. They come out as a jar of funk when utilizing sprouting jar. I took my Pyrex cake dish lined with Bounty towel and onion container under the bottom. I can get a aesthetic bunch out of these guys. Is it possible! I love purple phytonutrients and have brought 4 pounds of seeds I am pissed. I'm not trying to drag dirt into my sprawling wall to wall light carpet. Just a hobbie to keep my thumbs green during raised bed downtime in community garden plot.

    HELP the stank aroma is beyond reasonable as well! 👃

  2. I love the look of the Rambo, but I find them to be less radishy and thicker/waxier texture on the leaves. They're so pretty though, so I deal with it. I find the Red Arrow and Daikon to be my favorite taste and texture – wise, those two are light/crisp and yummy/spicy (just in case people are wondering the difference between the radishes)

  3. Definitely looking forward to the release of your book. I have to ask though, have you ever considered sending some of your microgreens off for chemical testing? The use of PVC around food is highly controversial. I know you use "greenguard certified" screens, but PVC is known to leech chemicals into water, which microgreens would absorb. I personally don't care, but I know if you try and sell these, people will balk at the notion that greens are grown on PVC coated mats.

    Sending them off for testing would accomplish two things; 1) If they come back clean it validates your methodology, and can be used as evidence that the screens are indeed safe and 2) If they come back contaminated, you know to change things up and reevaluate to keep your friends and family healthy.

  4. Great video! I grew Sango radish. It was ALL purple. Took about one day more than Daikon to grow. Looks and tastes great! Might get higher yields than Rambo. Keep growing my friend!

  5. That's a good yield mate .. 665g is great ! I aim for 600g minimum per grow/per 1020 to meet sq metre gross margins to keep price margins in tact …lol.
    Your onto it brother..
    Love your work 🌱🌱🌱

  6. Great grow Brent. Does the new grow method effect the product longevity? Does the new method reduce mold? Thanks for your explanations. I look forward to the book.




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