How to Grow Radish Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow Radish Microgreens the IHG Method

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This is another no-medium grow. It’s surely easy enough, but it’s odd how satisfying it is to grow. If you like radish, you’ll really like them as a microgreen.


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  1. thanks Brent
    we will trying everything's thing without any medium. were planting are first crop of micro.s tonight. really enjoy all your videos.

    Wayne and Patti
    springhill farms

  2. Hello! I have been following all of your work and you are awesome. Now i started growing microgreen. Need little help. Everything went great till germination for my radish microgreen. Even after 5-6 days cotyledons are not opening they are still curled/folded as they came out of seed coat (hook shaped stem and folded cotyledons). I am growing in coco coir and kept this under 9W LED bulb for 6 hrs everyday. Please suggest me where am i going wrong?

  3. I'm growing china rose radish hydroponically and it seems that the radish leaves dont ever really get very big like yours. Am I putting them under the light too early?

  4. What is the name and size of your trays? – when growing radish with no medium it seems to me that you need fairly flat trays otherwise how will you get the seeds to be evenly distributed with a tray that we seem to have here in the UK that has so many ridges in them.

  5. They say that all of the nutrients needed come from the seed when you're growing microgreens, any reason you add nutrients? Have you seen/tasted a difference from no nutes/vs nutes?

  6. I have done hydroponics since the 70s, never tried the micro greens. What type tray are you using to put the seeds in. Mine the seeds would fall through the holes

  7. I bought some radish microgreens seed last year and tried them in my floating raft system just to see what kind of salad greens I could grow with them and they were the best looking radish I ever grew! The radishes were perfectly round and beautiful. Tasted great too! I had no Idea that they would produce like that!
    I'll be growing them and selling them at the farmers market this year so I will try to remember to show them in a future video!

  8. Those are beautiful, Brent! Have you tried transplanting any of your microgreens yet, as an experiment to see if they will grow? I did a couple of my mesclun in a kratky, and I've gotten some growth but nothing significant yet. If the sun ever comes back out in TX, I'll let you know. 🙂

  9. Hi Brent,,just wondering. Have you done any average costings per tray with using the hydroponic medium? Would be awesome to know.
    Thanks matey,,,your greens are really coming along well.

  10. Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent
    Have you tried growing Microgreens without Nutrient solution?
    If so: Have you noticed a difference in flavor or production without nutrient solution vs with solution?

  11. You got a fantastic weight on those. I really like when you show the root system. The roots are so white and thick and growing with no medium sure cuts out a lot of hassle.👍

  12. I think I heard Marty say the radish is one of the highest nutrient dense micro. I'm happy with your soil-less growing but I think for now I will stay with what works for me.

  13. Great yield! I usually get radish in 7 days (in soil). I am trying sunflowers without medium but they are not doing much, maybe too cold. I have different trays than you.

  14. I can taste the radish heat just watching lol I Love radish greens. I totally understand about the camera handeling while trying to show your work. I've been doing more with my cheapie action cam and head mount, but I have to use my phone as a monitor as I can't see what the camera is looking at most of the time lol Awesome video Brent and great job! And as always Keep Building👍




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