How to Grow Pea Shoots / How to Grow Sunflower Shoots / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Urban Gardening

How to Grow Pea Shoots / How to Grow Sunflower Shoots / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Urban Gardening

How to Grow Pea Shoots / How to Grow Sunflower Shoots / Easy DIY Hydroponics / Urban Gardening
I show you an easy way to grow pea shoots and sunflower shoots with an easy DIY self watering container. Set it and forget it. Pea and sunflower shoots are a healthy snack that can also be used in Spring rolls, salads sandwiches, etc. They also make an exquisite garnish.

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  1. Oh yes and i made my first downspout today…drilling the holes was easy i put a peice of 2×4 inside the tube so i didn't have to worry about the drilling going all the way through to the bottom layer. But heating and bending the bottom up was harder than i thought and though i know i will get better at it, think it is going to take some time. Thanks again for all your help.

  2. All the people i have watched say you have to put a ton of weight on sunny's and peas..Guess you just disproved that old wives tale. Also i noticed you growing strawberries in one of your downspouts…I had been wondering about that…do they fruit and then die and you replace them? Wish you would do a video on growing strawberries. Just bought your book and am excited to start reading but first i have to finish watching ALL your videos…..Thanks, Eva

  3. Mike, You've inspired me to make a self-watering container like your dollar store containers AND some downspout containers. I see that you use often your dollar store containers with a 2nd lid and soil. Once you grow a batch and are ready to replant do you wash the shammy/cloth or do you just remove the soil and start over? Also, do the roots grow into the shammy at all (for instance if you use the grow pads on top of the shammy)? Thank you for the inspiration to try something new this year!!

  4. you are just plain awesome mike…maine is finally slowly getting rid of the snow…. its been raining since fri here,,,low 40 to 50s…but winter is finally leaving;];];];];];]sill have snow banks but the grd is finally thawing ;];];];] have a great wk;];];]

  5. What an awesome production Mike,,,being a big fan of these types of shoots too,,really enjoyed it matey!
    Time to go buy some pea seeds, hehe.
    All the best from Australia
    Marty Ware

  6. I am TRYING to grow some spinach and lettuce in one of the Rockwool do dads and they just aren't doing anything. They're over 2 weeks old now and doing nothing. I soaked the R.W. in water and it was dripping wet. Some sprouted and only two plants are an inch tall. I wanted to grow some in jugs with the net pots is why I started them. So today I mixed up some master blend and weakened it and poured it over the R.W. because they just aren't growing at all. What did I do wrong? Should I have soaked the R.W. in masterblend water rather than plain water? No problem growing in soil but this R.W. don't know about it. πŸ™

  7. This was so cool mike and I love the fun music and editing plus seeing the doggies 😊 I keep missing your lives because of the time difference but I’ll make it soon I hope!! πŸ‘πŸΌβœ¨

  8. Hey Mike! Good video like always, happy I got to see it so soon after publishing for once! Today's my day off and I generally have to run around a lot today, don't get a whole lot of other daytime freetime, but I am starting up hydroponics in my house in ontario, canada. Keep rocking!

  9. Cool video! Luv your channel. Having 3 of my favorite guys live stream was awesome!
    Really like how you tied the peas then harvested them!
    The electric knife is under-rated! Easier than scissors any day!

  10. My last batch of peas shoots came out tough and a little bitter. Is it cause I let them grow too long? They had grown their tendrils when I harvested them. Love your channel… Keep up the great inspirations! ❀️

  11. Nice job everything looks amazing in the garden! Are those dun peas? I let mine regrow several times… I find the second harvest it's even more tender!)


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