How to Grow Pak Choy / Lettuce Wall Update / DIY Hydroponics

How to Grow Pak Choy / Lettuce Wall Update / DIY Hydroponics

Lettuce Wall Update / Pak Choy Survives / DIY Hydroponics

Let’s see how our lettuce and pak choy are doing after a few days. There was a very strong storm that went through. Some of you have asked to see a progression as this crop grows, I will try to post as many updates as possible so you can watch in real time.

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  1. Mike, I want to thank you for introducing us to Hidden Harvest Grow Lights. I have been following them pretty regularly. Just checked out their monthly giveaway and I had won! Hopefully will be ordering a couple more by next month.

  2. Thank you for the update Mike, after I watch your this video, this question came to my mind. I had followed your ebook instructions and video to create my basil seedling to grow in pool noodle but what about pool noodle pressure on stem day by day? Will tightness of the pool noodle slow down of the growth of my basil? Should I loosen the middle of the pool noodle week by week so that it does not make pressure on the stem and stem can grow better , what is your observation about this or stem will strong enough to make pressure on pool noodle up to a size?

  3. Looking good Mike, thanks for the update 👍 When did you start your bok choy? Mine are still too tiny to do anything with them 🙁
    Lettuce sure takes a beating when it rains!

  4. Im starting to feed my microgreens but im using foxfarm growbig at the moment. Im thinking 1/2 tsp per gallon using the seedling strength. Am i right? Thanks for sharing




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