How to grow Moringa? The easy way!

How to grow Moringa? The easy way!

Documentary on Moringa:
This is the first in a series of videos where we will discuss moringa oleifera, it’s sustainability, nutrition facts and its importance in different diets from vegan and vegetarian to keto and paleo.

EBook shows how to grow with non circulating hydroponics and the downspout growbox available here::

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. I have been drinking morninga tea for several years. Tried growing it in doors, but each time it got to about 6-8" it died. It was very fast growing though. Am looking forward to your technique. Did you know that some scientist/Biblical scholars think it was a moringa stick that Moses through into the "bitter waters?". Thanks for the teaching

  2. I lived in a Filipino neighborhood in Corpus Christi, TX for years, and we ate Malunggay (Moringa) all the time. Everyone grew the trees in their yards. We would make a dish where you simmer the pods in a tomato based sauce. Then you crack open the pods, and scrape out the greenbean-like insides. Delicious! Our nonprofit is now growing moringa plants to give to families living in undeserved Houston communities. Thanks for the video!

  3. Moringa is called “malunggay” in Filipino. It is a very well-known type of vegetable especially in Asia. The leaves are extensively used in soups like chicken tinola. You can actually add it also in any porridge recipes too. Some people use the leaves to heal wounds as first aid by simply crushing the leaves until green juice comes out and put it on top of the wound as disinfectant. This leafy plant is also antioxidant packed and used as supplements too. Hope these helps.

  4. What grocery store did you find those in? I have been using the powder. It truly has helped me health wise I many was. Inflammation is an issue I was having. I had hurt my thumbs somehow, my right hand was worse and my thumb was swelling and with pain so severe I couldn't put any kind of pressure on it. I couldn't open even the simplest things, I started taking moringa and the swelling went away. IF I happen to miss a day I can tell it. The all over body pain returns and my thumbs are useless! I am amazed at how much Moringa truly does help.

  5. I've recently discovered your channel and have binge-watched hours!
    I am super excited to get started with hydroponic planting.

    One of my biggest questions is can I have my Kratky style system in direct sunlight?
    I recently started clearing my front yard out last year to start traditional raised planter boxes this year. I wanted to plant full sun veggies and fruits. I am finding conflicting information on whether it is a good idea to set up in the full sun or not. Thank you for your reply!

  6. Hey there Mike!
    I hope you and your family are doing well! Hope y'all had a nice Christmas and New Year's! I've been kinda out of the loop, health issues, family issue and now just getting over the darn flu, it's been something!
    Here's to the 2020 growing season, wishing you a wonderful harvest!! I'm just starting to get things growing around here. The one thing I do have is the Moranga tree 😊
    I started it last year using the seeds. I did have to bring it in, it gets cold here, and that's when I cut the tops off and it's branching out and coming back nicely! I don't know much about growing them, or fertilizing them. Honestly I haven't done much to it all winter other than give it some water. So far so good, thank you for posting😊👍 I'm always learning something!!
    I wish I new you were looking for seeds, I would have sent you a bunch!

  7. I have two trees in the back. But I transplanted that from a branch my dad gave me. Out of curiosity though, what are the chances of being able to plant them and transplanting to a hydroponic base?

  8. Hi Mike, I have grown these from seed in the Western cape, South Africa. First summer height about 1 mt high but was able to pick leaves all summer. They died off for winter, lowest temp 10° then they came to life in summer again. Have struggled a bit with our severe drought but respond to a little rain so well. I sprout the seeds in a closed container, overnight soak in water first, in their shells, takes 6 days to germinate, then plant out the little sprouts at 2 to 3 weeks. Thank you for a great video.

  9. An awesome tree. My friends in Asia grow it from cuttings and love it. You have inspired me, Mike, to grow this tree now. I keep on forgetting about it.
    Gotta get me some seeds.
    All the best from Australia

  10. Sir Mike,
    Some eat the seed kernels!
    Me I’m thinking on it. The Organic Veda Brand from Amazon (powder) is authentic. (Some are not;they have fillers!)
    I usuallybuy 00 and 000 size gelatin capsules and fill them. Even when wearing rubber gloves;it’s real messy.
    It’s worth it to me to check that the powder is fresh looking!


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