How To Grow Microgreens – Pea Shoots – Sunflower Sprouts – DIY Hydroponics

How To Grow Microgreens - Pea Shoots - Sunflower Sprouts -  DIY Hydroponics

How To Grow Microgreens – Pea Shoots – Sunflower Sprouts – DIY Hydroponics

More set it and forget it hydroponics. A modification to our grow box makes it more efficient. Grow microgreens in your kitchen year round.

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  1. Im not having much success with my downpipes. Mint is very happy, as is Chili bush. But my parsley, spinach and rocket are struggling.
    I live in subtropical Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia and have not been able to source MasterBlend. 
    So I am using a local gardening shop hydroponic nutrient with a NKP of 9-2.2-13.3  
    Any suggestions for bolstering this local product at all??? so it can be closer to master blend NKP????

  2. I really enjoy watching your videos and I'm trying to start a few things now. I set up a container with 2 slots and paper. Put some coir on the paper and the rocket seeds. I covered it to make it dark. 3 days in and no sprouting and mould. What am I doing wrong? Not enough coir and too wet?

  3. Mr. Squirrel has eaten almost all our ripe figs this year. Hubby used to be puzzled by my container lids with slits in them. Now he just sticks them in my spot. While I was watching your video, it dawned on me that live broccoli micro greens would be a perfect gift for my health conscious neighbor. Your videos always inspire me.

  4. I think for about the next month or so we are sharing similar weather.. Shoulder seasons the bomb !! 😎🤙…
    I love how you make simple look amazing man.. Excellent work!!
    Onwards and upwards my Floridian brother 😊👊🔥🔥🔥💚🌱

  5. Very simple setups Mike, rather like the famous VanDuzee Box aka Grow Tube aka common household downspout conversion units! Nice looking set of grow lights by the way. -Bob

  6. Where do you buy your seeds? What variety of seeds do you buy? What kind of quality do you need? It looks like you need to buy many pounds of seeds with each order. Your containers are translucent green in color. It's the same color as algae, but there might not be any algae. Do you have any algae problems? What kind of nutrients do you use? What is your nutrient concentration level and what is your pH? Do you start with reverse osmosis "clean water"?

    Did you ever try using and shooting a video of the Farmtek NFT channels that you bought many months ago? The Farmtek NFT channels look like they are a little expensive, but look better than the downspouts. I haven't tried ordering Farmtek NFT channels yet.

  7. Busted Mr. Squirrel! Umm he said after my snack I will leave. LOL. You sir shonuff grow some amazing things in your hydro. Those looked mighty tasty no doubt. Love that grow rack you built. Air flow will help a lot! Awesome job done my friend. Keep up the good work and hope you two have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Mike,
    Your self watering containers look interesting. I can't find anything like your containers here in Oregon. You have a very nice setup. I enjoy your videos!


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