How to Grow Microgreens NFT Style (Set-Up)

How to Grow Microgreens NFT Style (Set-Up)

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By request, this video shows how I set everything up for the hydroponic NFT microgreens auto-watering. Pretty cool stuff. I’m not actively growing in the NFT style. I think what I do now produces much better so I wrote a book on it, but NFT is certainly doable. In fact, I now see where a company is producing a variant of this now.

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  1. I started my first tray of radish and broccoli with your bubbler. It was incredible . Thanks for sharing your idea.
    In this video I noticed you run one minute every hour. My micro greens are Kratky system. I have 9 Dutch buckets of 5 tomato, 3 cucumber and one pepper. I run 4 times every 24 hours, each time 30 min. Do you think I should reduce the intervals or reduce 30 min to 15 min or less?

  2. Useful explanation of this hydro method. I just found your microgreens videos this weekend. Thanks for the quality content. I come from the world of professional Cannabis cultivation, and can see the many benefits to your methodology. I am located in Canada so some of the items like the bootstrap trays are a little harder to get / more expensive. So I’m going to cobble together a version of the tray and screen from my local hydro store and Hardware store. Assuming my proof of concept works, I will then invest in the bootstrap trays and the dehydrator screens (and your book). I have all the rest of the gear here since I have a “graveyard” of grow stuff from decades of grow projects. Thanks for your enthusiasm and informative videos.

  3. Hello Brent! I have been reading that the seeds have all the nutrients they need for the first 20 days. Obviously this would last for the MG growing to maturity. Are we possibly looking at over fertilizing. Have you done any growing without nutrient help? you have so many videos, I apologize if you have already addressed this.

  4. I just got finished with a grow of what I call CABgreens(Central Arkansas Brent)greens. I would like to report my results. Everything is by weight (seed amt / yield). Radish 60 grams / 1.31 lbs. Sunflower 9 ozs / 2.45 lbs. Peas 8 ozs / 1.31 lbs. I tried to follow Brents method to the later. Total time from soak to harvest 13 days. I soaked all seeds over night except for half the radish seeds (30 grams). 12 hours soak. 4 days under pressure and in darkness. 4 days darkness only. 4 days under lights. I really could have harvested these two days earlier. In other words I think 3 days darkness only, 3 days under lights. Yield might be a little lower but I suspect the greens will be a little more tender. This is the first time I have ever done this. I did set up auto watering just like brent with nutrient. The only thing I did different is I did not drill into the auto water pan for the 9 top hat grommets for the inlet side. Instead I ran a 1/2 pvc pipe across the top and drilled holes for top hat grommets and drippers off that. The only reason I did that was because it would be easier to remove and clean the tray after microgreen runs. The tray however stays remarkably clean. I grew these in my high humidity mushroom fruiting chamber. There is no downside to this. Tonight I am going to harvest some mushrooms. Make a stock with the no medium roots. Add mushrooms and microgreens to the stock and season and enjoy. The remains from the stock will go to the worms in my vermicompost bin. I am honestly blown away with how well this works and how easy it is. Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous Brent!!!!!!!

  5. Have u tried just growing in the large trays? Would that make your washing method too difficult or would it be necessary? Would the fungal spray b enough to keep mold under control. Giant tray of peas or sunflower???

  6. Hi Brent, You certainly are sparking a lot of interest here in NC. I have a basement which in the winter still maintains 60 degrees so I found thermostatically controlled heating pads when putting together my start up inventory like the covers and trays, nutrients and sterilization ingredients. We make our own colloidal silver so will be doing a cost comparison for the mold control which is what this is all about. My concern was the watering which this video clearly addresses. So , given all that my first thought was to put the 4 heating pads under the holding tray but now with the moving water I am concerned that the heat supplied would be carried away with the moving water. The only thing that gives me peace of mind is that the water only moves once every hour so should not really be a concern, right? Thanks for reading my lengthy post. Bob

  7. Awesome video Brent. I think you nailed it with this one. This is a very clear explanation of the whole system. I plan on implementing this inside my mushroom house. The microgreens will go into the incubation room which I keep at 70 with normal humidity. I am planning on putting the dutch buckets in the fruiting chamber which I keep around 65 but at 80% humidity. Pepe did mention that high humidity helps the taste of the microgreens. If that is the case the whole system could go in the fruiting chamber. I am curious though. At the end of the video you show the tomato plants placed in the tray. I imagine they are there to be under the light since you have them in another tray instead of taking advantage of the nft tray below. Are these being separately watered? Is there a reason you don't just place them in the autowater tray as well. Could you also start seedlings in this by placing the oasis cubes directly in the autowater tray. Seems to me if that is possible then this would create a very flexible system indeed.

  8. Great video Mr Brent.

    I am looking to make a self watering plant table. Gonna use to water all seedlings from the bottom. All set on a timer.

    I got it started but got turned around with other things! Lol like normal.

    Glad I was able to see your set up. Thanks for walking us step by step through it.

    Have a great week!
    Yall grow dat!!

  9. Gday mate!!! 😎
    I'm patiently waiting to build a nice big greenhouse.. and then… a watering system like this.!! I took many mental notes from you ready for that day..
    Your humidity levels spike like but I've found that microgreens are more crisp and juicy at harvest with high humidity – I've just to balance the airflow.
    Enjoy your week buddy..
    Great vid as always!! 👍🌱


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