How to Grow Microgreens NFT Style (Auto-Watering & No Medium)

How to Grow Microgreens NFT Style (Auto-Watering & No Medium)

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In this video, I show how to grow microgreens NFT style using automatic watering. I don’t grow NFT style anymore in lieu of how I grow now, but it’s certainly doable as the video shows. The style I grow now is better in many ways. So much so, I wrote a book on it. All of my grows are hydroponic so there’s no soil, coco coir, or medium. Tell me what you think and ask questions.

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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

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  1. Hello Brent, first and foremost thanks for the engagement in the microgreen community, I purchased the book to support. I am encountering a problem now, my family loves microgreens and in an attempt to satisfy that need I want to transition to an NFT setup like this, my question is how long do you run the water for each day ? Every hour for 10 minutes for example. Thanks Brent, your doing amazing.

  2. Sorry if I missed this point in your presentation but do your no medium system enable you to cut the plantules flush to the bottom of the tray? Or even harvest the whole vegetable?

  3. Hi there! Awesome video.. what are those screens you had inside the trays at the begining of the video? what are they called? where can i buy them

  4. Alot of questions would I assume be about the water system. No way that method can be perfectly balanced but I guess that's the reason for the side drain tube so it reaches high enough that they eventually will get water but some perhaps too much. The first few seed day I would guess u mist with water more often than count on your water tube flow system. I like that u don't use any media. That was my initial interest in growing as well. I don't want any form of disposable or compost to reuse or clean up. It just adds to possible fungal problems & wasted time. Any steps that can be removed from this growing & harvesting process without significant issues is a plus. I guess one question I have is @ what point do u decide to get a machine that u hold over the microgreen trays & as it rotates it cuts the greens into it's collection bag for u. If your like me u can't contain your hobby….. It grows & grows & grows until finally there's a list of customers or sign on the shop " open for business"…… lol
    Wish u success & blessings abundant.

  5. Hi Brett, thanks for the great content and sharing your knowledge. Im new to nft and wanted to ask you, do you have any tilt to the main tray in order to get the water going to the drain? I see diagrams online that involve a tilt and wanted to get your take. Thanks!

  6. Brett, I just want to say thank you for all of these videos and for your time responding to everyone. It's incredible how generous you are. And with all your videos I don't think I've seen one advert. Your passion really comes across. Love your book too, you have me giggling. Thanks again. You're changing lives.

  7. vinyl should be fine though. silicone and food grade plastics are ok too. BPA and corrosive plastics are an issue, but most others, especially those deemed safe for food should be fine. try a combination of several layers with various mesh sizes mixed together and a top layer with a grid that matches seed size. this allows for ideal distribution of seeds and gives the roots better hold, which i think is paramount.

  8. I hope you don't mind I placed a link to your antifungal video on my channel. I did change up your recipe just a tad because I have a lifetime supply of 20-20-20 from the hydroponics I was doing. I had lots of reasons for changing direction to microgreens and sprouting, however, I hope you like the video. I look forward to yours so much!!


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