How to Grow IHG Kale Microgreens

How to Grow IHG Kale Microgreens

This grow is the Red Russian variety of Kale. It makes for a great microgreen. It tastes similar to broccoli microgreens although it doesn’t grow quite as well as broccoli. My normal grows for brassicas are about 2 pounds, but I’m trying to show how to push the harvest weights of many microgreens. Why? It brings more bounty meaning more weight. So, more micros to eat, more micros to sell, use of less space for other methods, and the use of less resources–electricity, trays, shelving, lights, etc. And, I just like doing it. :O) Tell me what you think.
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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

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  1. I saw in a previous comment that you are using masterblend half strength from day 1. Do you too off nutrient so that the level is flush with the roots at the bottom? And do you start by misting seeds with nutrient? Also, I’ve seen in other videos that you rinse your trays and roots and greens every day; was this also the process for this grow (and what is the purpose of a fresh water rinse everyday)?

  2. Hey Brent. I went to amazon to buy your book and the description says "Version: Black & White. There is a color version available." How do I get the color version?

  3. I've been growing this way for a month. And I am taking the the screens out side flat on a cutting board…..and i take a squeegee a squeegee the stem side first…..then I squeegee the root side it all comes right off. You wanna do it when stems and roots are fresh….if you are cutting the tray as you go…the roots stay in their and rot and turn to mush not good for the rest that's still growing and harder to clean.

    If you just pull out what you are gonna use… roots and all and then give the tops a snip into a clean bowl and compost roots your grow will stay nice and clean.

  4. Brent, you forgot one very important thing; you forgot to tell us what you use to water the Kale with when you stop using the Anti-fungal spray. Other than that, this was a fantastic video! Your Ginny Pig . . . LOL


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