How to Grow IHG Fennel Microgreens (With Discussion on Methods)

How to Grow IHG Fennel Microgreens (With Discussion on Methods)

First time growing Fennel microgreens. Sourced from True Leaf Market, the seed performed fantastic hydroponically. I couldn’t have done it without the Bootstrap Farmer trays. They’re heavy duty and provide the platform that perfectly supports my no medium methods. There’s lots out there about microgreens not doing well hydroponically and that’s because they’re not growing like I do. This grow was ideal for me, beautiful micros, very aromatic, and awesome to watch grow especially the true leaves. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please let me know in the comments.
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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

FOOD GRADE SCREENS. Food-grade screens to grow microgreens. If you would like to purchase them, email me. Here’s my video on the screens:

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  1. Very cool to keep trying out new types! I got your book a few months back and just recently assembled a grow rack to get started, but it doesn't really describe the watering. It says on the cards in the back to not change the water unless it smells funny, but it doesn't say how high to fill it. I have the double tray setup with a screen. Should I just fill the bottom tray up with nutrient water until it reaches the bottom of the top tray? Do I need to add spacers in between the bottom tray and top tray to give it some more fill space? I'm concerned that a minimal amount of standing water would get stagnant too quickly. Thanks for your feedback.

    Edit: I had watched your old NFT video before I bought the book, but it seems like you moved on from that system to a standing water system. Just can't find a description of that current setup.

  2. I follow you since the beginning from the Netherlands.( i missed tasting the microgreens and your idea about it), a good addon to your channel or a secondary channel would be good to show us what can do with them. "salad, soup… yeah well i end there…. i not a good cook".
    I'm still planning……… and i have to have a good story for the chef's




WILD CAT reacts to my AQUARIUMS!!

WILD CAT reacts to my AQUARIUMS!!