How to Grow Dandelion Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow Dandelion Microgreens the IHG Method

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This is a by-request grow. It was fun to watch the grow, but the seed was expensive to source and the taste was definitely not for me!

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  1. Good Day To All, I saved my seeds from last years harvest, wish to regrow the lot now for Microgreens, germination so far is unsuccessful, did not have the seeds in cold storage, I'm wondering if Stratification is necessary to stimulate germination? As I post this will be trying this and give feedback if successful 😊!

  2. Yeah really healthy things are bitter
    I have adjusted my tastebuds to enjoy healthy foods now so I love dandelion
    I don’t eat a whole lot of it at once unless it’s mixed in a salad or smoothie in which case you can’t taste the bitter taste, you should try them like that

  3. Oh bless; you went through all that and found that you do not like them. I assume you have never eaten an older dandelion before?

    I do not mind bitter flavours, particularly leaves, so might try.

  4. If you don't mind, how many days to seed germination? I'm in love with the flower syrup they call Dandelion Honey. It tastes like honey but better. The yellow flower petals are sweet with no bitterness at all but the green part is very bitter. Dipped and fried flowers taste like something between squash and mushroom.

  5. Thinking about trying hydroponics for the first time. Are your seeds just on top of a fine mesh? (Like the stuff located in your Amazon store?)

  6. thanks for the video, I was really hoping that they would taste better. If you eat the fully grown leaves, before it goes to seed, it actually tastes pretty good and the flowers taste really great breaded up and fried or raw on top of the leaves in a salad. you can almost taste a bit of sweetness from the nectarine the flower, which is part of why there's such good pollinator attractors to. I'm hoping one day to try the different varieties like the Japanese pink and white dandelions. They look beautiful and I'm hoping they'll taste least half as good.

  7. Hi Brent, do you have any idea how long it might take for these to flower? If it is clean seed, there might be a market for the flowers to restaurants or high end caterers?

  8. Microgreens haven’t done well at markets here in the Memphis area. There are 2 vendors it the markets that I attend and they are having to grow more conventional veggies just to make a profit.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you for hearing my request. Impressive results. I must be doing something wrong because i did not achieve nothing similar. Mine are not germinating equally so the volume of harvest is low.
    Hahaha, i see you dont like the bitterish taste. That is because its not best if you eat them separately. That bitterish taste works best when you mix them together with other ingredients. Here in Slovenia dandelions are very popular, almost a national dish. We mostly harvest them outside in spring (before they develop flower stem) – baby leaf. Then we make a strong salad – mix them with cooked warm potatoes, eggs, linguee (or fried bacon) and some pumpkin oil. Try it, best salad ever! You will become a fan for sure.
    Mostly people use it to make tea, steam them or something similar, but that is wrong. Healthy, but very bad taste. So don't eat them on their own.
    Thank you again and thank you for making great videos.

  10. Oh wow! I have been trying to harvest seeds from the wild dandelions, which is not too plentiful where we at, but not having much luck. I am very picky where I harvest because I know that those that grows on the roadside have been sprayed with chemicals and I avoid them. Great microgreens.

  11. That seed is nearly impossible to find here in Australia, well done. The roots are well sort after too for a tea
    Very impressive on the look Bren, weird flavour hehehehe,,,,
    I tried growing a weed here called Farmers friends,,,,edible, but gave me a small dose of the runs.
    I never went back to wild micro greens after that,
    All the best
    Marty Ware (Australia)

  12. My dad used to Harvest these from the lawn .. steam them .. and serve with dinner 🌱 Very good for you . I feel the same on the palette reaction mate 😉.


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