How to Grow Corn Shoot Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow Corn Shoot Microgreens the IHG Method

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Continuing on attempts to grow no-medium microgreens. This time popcorn shoots.

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  1. Wow! Awesome video! My chickens love, love corn very much they can eat corn on the cob all day every day! I bought them dry whole corn kernels and crushed them cause they are about 9 weeks old so still young but its not the same as corn on the cob but I was thinking about sprouting them can you sprout regular whole grain corn kernels from the feed store? Or does it need to be a specific corn? Thank you very much for sharing! I really want to try this for my little chickie babies! Really appreciate the video had to Subscribed🙂🙂🙂!

  2. Are these more prone to fungus then other seeds? Maybe the antifungal affects taste? I dont know, but I did recently start delving Into the microgreens world. I want to do corn next but now I'm leery. I guess my main question is are corn seeds more prone to fungus. I also wash the heck out of the seeds but I've noticed that didnt help my broccoli sprouts. I think they had a seed borne fungus in them from the manufacturer cause they all got black spots and were stunted and I hear that's a bad seed from the manufacturer

  3. HI Brent – love your vids, your humour and light hardheartedness about experimenting. I need to learn to be more like that. I'm doing a input/yields comparison between your no media grow and the soil based growing and it's not making sense to me. This is the info I have on Media Grow for Popping corn. Sow: 260 gr, yield: 496 gr = 1.91 yield factor. With the No Media my estimations are: Sow: 788 gr (2 solo cups 1/2" from the top), yield: 481 gr = yield of .62. Are my calculations correct or am I missing something. Thanks in advance, Mike

  4. are you not supposed to grow popcorn shoots IN total darkness?? I thought that light exposure would make the shoots not taste good.. Most popcorn shoots i have ever seen are yellow and not green cause they haven't photosynthesized.???

  5. Tastes much better with a little fresh mold fungus and without so much of your favorite chemicals where i sometimes use coffee or charcoal rather then your chimicals which defeated the whole purpose like how you don't enjoy natural sugars but keep talking about fake sugars like those spoiled children whom are afraid there gonna die from touching another human or animal because they might be contaminated like your generation was brainwashed to behave and for some reasons is the most unhealthy generation throughout human history because your generation created a total mass genocides of your bodies much needed parasites that process your minerals.

  6. Popcorn shoots taste like grass because, believe it or not, corn is a type of grass. Alligators tastes like chicken because they share a common ancestor (dinosaurs).

  7. Would the taste be less like an artificial sweetener if you tried skipping the fungicide spray? Two applications of that, and I thought — ugh! That's not going to taste too good! Good Luck!

  8. Im with you on this one mate ! Not a fan of artificial sweeteners… 😒.
    Restaurants go for these in the yellow stage. I grew them for 8 days in the dark. Then delivered straight away. Zero sunlight etc.
    Still tastes fake sweet
    Gteat effort as always brother!!

  9. No potatoes No corn shoots for me after your experiment.
    I'm growing water cress, green pea, broccoli and fenugreek Hydro Greens as of now they're all looking good. Also I'm on my third batch of hydro sunflower sprouts which all came out great, really enjoying your videos

  10. Hehehe,,head shaking taste buds of sweetness. I remember the first time I grew and tasted the Popcorn Micros,,that's what it did to me. The funny things was Karin liked them, but I didn't grow them again.
    However, When I had chooks I used to sprout the grains, and they were in the mix…top chicken food for sure, those sprouts kept them super healthy.
    Have an awesome day
    Marty & Karin

  11. I’ve grown popcorn microgreens using ground peanuts shells as the growing medium. It works well, too 😊 I don’t like the taste of the sprouts. I think. I’ll try using them in green smoothies 😁

  12. they say that aspartame is natural because it comes from corn. to keep the sweet taste, you need to keep it in the dark until harvest and pick just when the first leaves start to pop. Working on video of last harvest. I put the corn in 1 oz bags then into the clamshell for the store so hopefully the customers will get used to the difference.

  13. It definitely sounds like an odd taste and i don't like the taste of artificial sweetners. It's a shame you and your wife don't like them but at least you know now :-)👍


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