How to Grow Cilantro Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow Cilantro Microgreens the IHG Method

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Well, I use the word fragrant in this video a bit too much, but that’s really what cilantro is all about. It’s a potent, impactful herb micro that tastes fantastic. Well, if you like cilantro. My first grow was a bit too sparse in germination so I tweaked how I prime the seed and had much better germination the second round which is the micros you see in this video. I did keep the other grow going for the sole purpose of harvesting more true leaves. The combination of both grows is what I’m after now. A denser, better germination and harvesting more true leaves. I think I can get much more product which is a primary goal of mine with no-medium hydroponic grows.

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  1. Great video. Can you tell me how many days was 1:26 and then how many days until you started bottom watering roots? I've been trying several methods of germinating cilantro and have had some success but NOTHING like your grow here! And finally, how many days did it take total until harvest?

  2. I'm just getting into microgreens, but I've grown cilantro via regular hydroponics. My cilantro germination rate is very good; I suspect your split seeds may be the reason.

  3. Hi,

    I just watched your cilantro video and you talked about spraying the seeds with an “anti-fungal.” What anti-fungal are you using and did you pre-soak the seeds prior to spreading them in the flat? Thank you.

  4. Nice rack there….did you use any growing medium? That looks like 100% hydro.
    BTW, I use whole seeds from true leaf, 2 oz per 1020 tray, and harvest beween 15-17 days. The germination rate is definitely above 90% and with a thin layer of soil covering, it shed almost all the seed hulls. From 15 days on, I get to harvest with true leaves, and the longer I wait, the leggier it gets, and "heavier" it gets. I get about 12 oz on day 17, but I typically prefer day 16.

  5. I have my Cilantro grow still going. Started Feb 20 after seed prep. Been under lights now for two days. Used about half the seed. Puts me at 14 days. I am definitely going to let them go to 21 days. They are greening but need the leaves like you said.

  6. HI Brent, great video!! thanks for sharing all this knowledge
    Quick question, when you start watering from below the plant, do you use the anti fungal mixture to do that as well? Or only when you germinate? Do you add any nutrients to the mixture as well? I think i saw almost all your videos 😀

  7. I guess it goes without saying number one because you went to True leaf. But does the additional seed produce additional profits? I'm new at this and I understand space is a premium generally but the same amount of seeds over two Flats what would you presume that would produce?

  8. Look at that cool upside down table, first time I seen that. I must of missed the video showing this.
    I need to grow some Coriander "Cilantro" soon once it cools down here a bit.
    Thanks for the video
    Your friend




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