How to Grow Broccoli-Kale Mix Microgreens

How to Grow Broccoli-Kale Mix Microgreens

Continuing on the “no-medium” grows, here’s a more delicate microgreen that worked out well for me. It’s a combination of Broccoli and Kale mixed. You GOTTA check out some of my latest microgreen grows!


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  1. Hi Sir, so I watched some videos of your channel and realized the IHG method is really awesome. We can reduce the cost of medium, but we need to add more the water cost. Did you find out the ratio between using how much of water in IHG method from the different one? I really appreciate.

  2. Thanks for detailing your failed attempts too. That helps just as much as success stories. I've been looking into no medium microgreen/fodder for my livestock and my family. I'm binge watching your videos now. Got yourself a new subscriber 🙂

  3. Thanks! I bought some screen and am going to try this! What is the watering process? I have tried bottom watering with mixed results. Often I just get nasty smells which likely means too much water, not enough air.

  4. Easier way to harvest and make the screen easy to clean , holding the screen up take a bread knife you know suraded with a rounded end about 12-14 inch long run it doun the bottom side of the screen the sprouts fall off leaving the screen 85% clean .

  5. Been trying to grow microgreens without medium for some time, but fall victim to mold most of the time. What you have shown here looks promising. The water drains off the seeds but is available to the roots, with a small air gap. Must try immediately.

  6. Seems like a lot of work for less than the weight of a single cabbage, and with a very short shelf life. Doesn't it make sense to grow on a paper or other fibrous substrate (coir?) that can be composted?

  7. Great video👍 i'm going To start ❤growing microgreens soon, i'm going To try your 👍no soil way, i liked there is no mess. Subscribed😃😃😃.
    GOD🙏🙏 bless you.


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