How to Grow Bean Sprouts / Urban farming

How to Grow Bean Sprouts / Urban farming

How to Grow Bean Sprouts / Urban farming
In this video I show you another easy way to grow bean sprouts. It is almost like the last method except with one key difference. I will try many more bean sprouts growing experiments with the off grid hydroponics and report the results to you.

Dave Shramm from Grown at Home in WV is going to be a future guest and Brad from Hidden Harvest Grow Lights has offered to give away one of his fantastic lights to one of our viewers. Exciting stuff coming up, feel free to invite your friends. It’s going to be a blast.

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  1. A great channel you have built. I'm really impressed. This is a whole world I know nothing about. Amazing what you can do with water and a few seeds! Beautiful environment you have all around you. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. I love your videos and I have one doubt where is your formula making video or you will get the nutrients supplies or you making them on your own or please make a video on everything about nutrients for hydroponic forming please please please do it😦😧😨😩

  3. The nice thing about systems like this is the ability to grow sprouts on a counter top or even a sink ledge. Perfect for those in a small apartment that does not need a large amount of room.

  4. I did some microgreens and put tinfoil over the top since I didn't have anything to fit over the both of them. Mine molded at the bottom. 🙁 I took it off and sprayed with some water and left the cover off. So I might be able to eat them when I let them grow taller? That was my 1st time trying it so it was a big let down. What did I do wrong? Should I have put some holes into the tinfoil?

  5. Definitely an awesome food. I use Mung beans all the time in my cooking when I am stir frying.
    They make a huge difference when cooking up a Pad Thai.
    Vids are looking awesome Mike,,,,
    All the best from Australia
    Marty Ware

  6. You got me walking around my house looking at things just trying to think of how I can use it to make new things lol 😂.. I just cut up some Nissin chow mein containers to try and make this for "free" . I knew I was keeping those things for some reason lol. The amount of water that I'll be able to put in it is much smaller than yours.. I don't travel so that's okay. And for now all I'm wanting to do is start dirtless seeds for hydroponics.

  7. So much abundance around you bro 😍…
    Beautiful garden..
    Awesome video …
    Looking forward to the live vid ! Keep on crushing it 😎🤘🔥🔥🔥🌱

  8. Great update on the bean sprouts, Mike. I'm looking forward to giving this a try.

    When the cicadas chimed in I thought my tinnitus flared up (sounds just like it). We don't have them here. Too cold.

    WRT the seeds in the corners not germinating, I saw a similar experiment using window screen, but he made a "box" out of it that would drop down into the container by folding the corners (if that makes sense). I think it would have a worse problem of drooping in the center. Have you though about using the plastic that you cut out of the center to make shims and glue them along the edge of the opening before gluing the mesh on to get the mesh lower? Maybe reinforce it with a square of hardware cloth to limit the drooping?

    Quick question: I was gifted over 1 gallon of chia seeds. Have you ever sprouted those? Other than a "As Seen on TV" product that uses them, I've never seen them sprouted and have no idea what they taste like.

    Thanks again!

  9. Here are two ideas for leveling your screen:
    1, after cutting the plastic out of the center, string some safety-wire in both leave a gridwork of thin plastic in place directions then hot-glue your screen over them.
    2, when cutting the plastic, leave a thin grid of plastic attached then hot-glue your screen over the area.
    Otherwise, everything looks great. By the way, Red Lobster takeout trays are made strong and are larger to hold more and Lobster is considered Vegetarian!

  10. Yesterday, I was slicing noodles, and getting all of my outdoor plants into containers. I started thinking about how much easier, and cheaper it was than net cups, and hydroton. All I had to do was wrap, and stuff it into the hole. I'm really glad that I found your channel.

  11. Amazing video. Thanks for sharing how to grow these fantastic plants. Soaking the beans can be beneficial to helping them germinate. Great hydroponic technique to growing the sprouts. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Thanks y'all looking forward to learning more about the hidden Harvest light I'm in the market for one now, oh and I'm a capsaicin Junkie too. Have a great day everyone!


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