How to Grow Bean Sprouts the Easy Way / Easy DIY Hydroponics

How to Grow Bean Sprouts the Easy Way / Easy DIY Hydroponics

Today I show you a few super easy ways to grow bean sprouts at home with easy diy hydroponics. One is a traditional way and the other is a brand new way of carefree growing. How to grow bean sprouts without roots.

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  1. The black cover. Does that stay on the whole time? No light to grow? Can you explain the benefits of no light? Also, where did you get the nice black cover? Sorry if stupid questions.

  2. "….or you can just use tap water." 😆
    Another inspiring video. I haven't been able to find those green containers at the dollar store or anywhere, but I found some solid black ones I thought would be good, since they would prohibit algae growth. Not sure if they'll get too hot in the sun though. Do you think I should paint the outside white?

    Love the submerged compost bin. Do you mix it with anything it just use scraps to attract worms? I tried an above ground one that I placed on the garden soil to attract worms, but the flies from the bin are just too close to the plants in the garden. Maybe I'll bury it or submerge a smaller one in the garden bed. I really like that idea! Worms are so important!

  3. Today I am looking at all the videos I can find on growing mung bean sprouts, but the first one discouraged me right from the start because she said that the temperature needs to be around 70 degrees F. I live in a hot country, where the temperature rarely gets that low. When I looked at your hydroponic method, I began to wonder if this would would work better in hot climates? Any ideas?

  4. I know this is an older vid, Mike. Pit em out in the sun or under a light for around 8 hrs before harvesting. It develops the chlorophyll and that is where all the power packed vitamins come from in sprouts and microgreens.

  5. You can also get a large plastic kitchen strainer from most Asian markets they use for veggies and rice cheap and it allows more surface area-
    Or use a big bowl with a layer of saved onion bags (mesh) and they do good just put into something big enough to catch the water and not sit in it

  6. I really want to try this, can I re-grow sprouts after cutting or do I have to buy seeds all the time & repeat the process? Any responses would be appreciated, love the channel & thanks😃🌱

  7. Great video Mike! Thanks for mentioning me and the hydroponic planter. I was suprised I found I was not subscribed when I came to watch so I re subscribed. Keep up the great videos Mike! It's always a pleasure to watch your videos. I am hoping to step up my video making game a bit as I learn more and get used to it. Your an inspiration for sure!


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