How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens

How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens

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After my Maximum Microgreens Pea Grow, this has been the most rewarding grow up to now! I didn’t think Amaranth would take to hydroponics, but it did fantastic in hydroponic nutrient film technique (nft). I feel like the total weight is a good one too.

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  1. Wow! What amazing results!! I'd love to know what temperature you find best for amaranth? 10 days to harvest is insanely fast! Do you know what Ph range is best for amaranth? Thanks for sharing your incredible process!
    Cheers from UK!

  2. Mind blown! Can't believe your yields! I have been growing in soil for over a year. I am expanding my operation and will be adding trials for this method. Thank you for sharing all of this valuable information. Peace.

  3. Your NFT approach for this grow seems to work very well, but it requires a good bit more setup than the Kratky approach used in an earlier microgreen grow (with similar lower tray for water delivery by either approach). Did you notice any particular advantage in using the NFT versus the simpler Kratky? David from Mobile AL

  4. Always a nice job! Have you covered paper towel underneath the screen for amaranth? I bought a bunch of stuff on your shop a couple weeks ago per your FAQ video. Hope to get great grows like this too.

  5. Why not use a filet knife to "skin" the greens off the silicon mat? im seeing a LOT of material left on the "top" side of the silpad. Have you had any success in using or finding a way to use the roots? French fried, etc?

  6. The winters farmers market here in Memphis is amazing Brent. I’m learning a lot about micro greens from one of the vendors there. Great deal of money to be made in that space. I may be calling you come spring time to pick your brain. I’ll be building a system to start producing them.

  7. Its amazing that you got results seeding the tray so heavy, i would expect damping out to occur. The usual rule of thumb for seeding amaranth is three trays per ounce.

  8. Amazing haul mate… 👍
    That shot at 11:51 is priceless.. I would wear it as a wig !!!
    Folks worry about over watering amaranth and getting fungus. But Like you showed –> great drainage, clean water and TLC – a great crop will prevail.
    Awesome work 😎👌🌱


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