How to Grow 5 lbs of Sunflower Microgreens the IHG Method

How to Grow 5 lbs of Sunflower Microgreens the IHG Method

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Update: Got an even larger grow just recently! Check out my latest video here: I pushed the Microgreens growing Sunflowers in my no-medium method. It turned out great! Please take a look and tell me what you think. Truly amazing how my grows are turning out lately!


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Kindle Version – Either link with paperbacks above.

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  1. I live in the UK, but struggle growing sprouts hydroponically in trays – where do you get your trays from in the US? My problem is my trays do not have enough holes (and I drilled holes in mine) I think I need trays with lots of holes as I see you use , and close enough holes, because as much as half my seeds rot or do not sprout. Any suggestions would be appreciated- thanks

  2. You dont have any problems with mold or root rot when you when you spray the microgreens in the vegetative stage. I know peas are forgiving with top watering in the vegetative stage so I guess sunflower is too?!

  3. I have used the battery operated clippers as well. In my experience the clippers kind of cause a ragged cut on the stems. I prefer to just cut the micros with sharp sissors, just my 2¢ ! Thanks for sharing, great video!!

  4. As for the length of the video, I watched the entire thing and never felt the need to fast forward through any of it. well done and very informative (for me anyways). 5 stars

  5. Ive been looking for a preforated tray like that! Where would you suggest I can purchase some? Also, how do you make your anti fungal mix and what do you use for nutrients? TY

  6. Hey Brent.
    Amazing video.

    Do you think you could harvest with a very sharp knife? a couple of passes from one side to the other and the entire harvest would fall straight down within seconds. What do you think?

  7. Something is failing when i go to the link in the discretion . When i press the link site name it gose to a 3rd party disclaimer at the bottom i press ok to agree and it takes me back to utube were the discretion is maybe something wrong at my end but can't find how to look or order micro greens hydroponics book i live in Australia and run a alcohol and drug recovery house so we are extremely interested in the nutrition benefits of micro greens to the client we have no idea were to start looking or how best to set it up can you advise us please . We have talked about this a lot i can see so meany benifits from using to small biz opportunities .

  8. Might be silly question but whats the nutrition are they a basically poison i work in drug and alcohol industry and we have seen a huge spike in mental health since dope has been grown highdro the nutrition they add has poison warnings on the bottle i am unsure hydroponics is safe for humans

  9. I was in Mexico at a raw vegan restaurant and had raw vegan pizza with sunflower seed sprouts and wow it was soooóo gooood. U could sale this for high doller! I know I paid a hefty price for that raw pizza

  10. thank you for providing the day counter. I was starting to worry about my sunflowers because my other trays of various varieties germinated so quickly. I see mine are right on track.

    I agree. Better to have the nutrients available if it needs it.


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Winter water heating

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I WASN’T EXPECTING THIS!! Nano aquarium scape off!