How to Grow 3 lbs of Sunflower Microgreens

How to Grow 3 lbs of Sunflower Microgreens

Very first grow of sunflower microgreens and I am very surprised and pleased with the weight of the product. Taste too! I should have done this years ago. Who knew black oil sunflower microgreens tasted so good? I’m looking forward to doing some more. They are so good and so easy. I don’t know what others get for amount of finished product, but this novice is surely pleased with his 3 lbs.


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  1. Just subscribed and bought your book! I have grown micros for my personal use the last two years. Micros have a huge learning curve, your information has addressed several issues I have been having trouble with, thank you and I wish you the best!

  2. Given the additional work involved -volume aside -what was your motivation for harvesting this way? Do you know if the roots contain nutrients we should not be discarding?

  3. Greetings, my friend. Could you tell me if it's all kinds of sunflower seeds that are used for growing microgreens? Is there any that is toxic or poisonous for consumption? I've been trying to grow it here in Brazil, but I noticed that the mini sunflowers grow bitter microgreens, and the giants usually germinate 50% of the seeds in flats. Could you help me with some advice?

  4. Nice! I hear that the white paper towels leaches into the micro greens. Better using unbleached paper towels. Just about ready to try my first batch. Keep the videos coming.

  5. very very cool!
    my concern is that things grow in the roots that can't be killed in boiling water. but who really knows. the barley grass i am growing is medium free, i think the top seed uses the bottom seed to root into. the advantage to medium-less is that the whole plant can be eaten by livestock, so it may be fine for humans.
    you could do a bath in water with food grade hydrogen peroxide, to be sure.
    if you were going to eat in a salad you should trim off the roots.
    i think the weight is a big key element with the initial grow.

  6. I'm with Bob. I thought you were going to try them in a carrot cake. I did not know you could eat the roots though so that is good to know. Did they still taste like carrot once you added them to the broth? I guess I was expecting the leaves to wilt like spinach but I'm glad they don't. Thanks for the recipe.👍

  7. Late Happy New Year to You Brent! Really enjoyed this video. Most interested in the results of your non-media grow on the sunflower seeds. I have grown in paper towels and in soil but haven't tried without any media. Anxiously awaiting your results! Oh yes, the soup you made looked awesome!!

  8. Great harvest Brent. When you said they taste like carrots I was waiting for to say you were going to make a carrot cake. 🙂 I'm not into microgreens, but It is a great idea. Have a great day. Best wishes Bob.

  9. Nice work. I was told or read that you can not grow them with just water that you need soil. So I guess you disproved that as it works well with towel. I also read it has a almond lemon taste. Very healthy. By the way how long did the grow take? Would be great on top of soups or just the way you did it. I do like the process you did.

  10. I ordered the red russian kale, 5,000 seeds as a test. 2 days and they are sprouting. I only tried a few as I'm waiting for the light to arrive that I'm going to test them under. I didn't know it but my local hydro store has 1/4lb of microgreen seeds for $4.50 and I wish I started with that. The paper towel method looks like it works great….especially being able to keep the roots.


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