How to Get Rid of Aphids (Without Harming Your Growroom)

How to Get Rid of Aphids (Without Harming Your Growroom)

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We show you guys how to identify, prevent, and eradicate an Aphid infestation. Using a homemade spray is highly effective. Introduce predators such as the Lacewing & Ladybug is also effective.

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  1. The best way to control aphids is by using green lacewing larva (Chrysoperla carnea). This little predator has the nickname "aphid lion" for a reason, I've never seen it fail on my crops!

  2. neem oil is relatively cheap to buy, I have used olive oil with garlic as a spray, some friends have used tobacco strained as a spray, ideally I would use nematodes as it is the best way to fight Naturally as nature intended, try not to use pesticides, there not good for you or your plants in the long run, I would only use them if as a last resort if all fails, I hope this helps someone

  3. I know you said Aphids are "usually" gray, but can be other colors as well. However, it's been my experience in the area I live (North Alabama, US), that aphids are "usually" green & all the other colors are the least common ones. However, this year was the 1st I'd actually had the "displeasure" of dealing with the pink ones (& a few gray ones, but not many). They eventually ended up proliferating so much that when I shut my eyes to go to sleep every night, they'd literally be the 1st thing I'd see in my mind's eye, so to speak. Talk about nightmare worthy! Even in sleep, they wouldn't leave me alone! Anyway, I HATE them & to all of those I killed this summer…..
    I'm glad you're dead. 😝😜

  4. thanks for posting!   i just noticed colonies of them on my mother's cherry tree today.   but i only noticed one ladybug, and one other predatory…:(

  5. Do you only grow indoor? I had but this year I wanna take my chances at outdoor and found this video helpful. Wondering what other outdoor issues to expect late in the season that I might want to buy before all the stores are sold out and leave me "living and learning" October yields in the Midwest I can assume will have issues for Sativa strains.




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