How to Generate Co2 for Plants in your Grow Room | EZ CO2 Bag Review

How to Generate Co2 for Plants in your Grow Room | EZ CO2 Bag Review

This is better than a CO2 generator without having to make homemade Co2 for your plants. EZ co2, similar to Exhale Co2 bags, come with new packaging which makes adding Co2 to your grow room so much easier.
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  1. This is the definition of snake oil all this is is a spawn bag with filter patch and blue oyster spore's. You should not waste your money or this or any other product like this. If you really want to try buy a spawn bag kit the just needs to be knocked up and a spore syringe.

  2. Hey guys this is Steph (& John 🙄 he's sleeping rn..shhh) lol. So I'm still gonna say we're first timers..this is our second run but unbeknownst to John he first run was TERRIBLE!! Idk what bud John was looking at and smoking to think it was "decent bud" but trust me it was terrible. I'm speaking truth..he speaks from his ego I guess lol. Once u spend thousands and thousandssssss 🤒 of dollars on the best lights and tents and supplies and the product comes out like it did(trash) I guess it makes him feel some type of way…which I understand but he's whole lying to himself lol. ANYWAY I forgot I'm not on dr. Phil lol…So we bought this co2 a few weeks ago..put it up on the tent. A week later the co2 bag and box gets thrown out. 😵🤕 Can anyone guess WHO threw it out? Talking about "it's not working"…Yup Fckin john! I'm glad he has special visual powers to see NO CO2 in the air! smh!! ($35 down the drain)! so we bought another one. It's been in the tent for a lil over a week…And guess WHO just came home from Work @3am…ripping the box outta the tent talking about "this shit ain't working!" YUP JOHNS IMPATIENT NON WAITING ASS! (ME)-"WHOAAAA CO2 HITLER! RELAX and PUT THE DAMN BOX DOWN dummy! " Ur not throwing another $35 down the drain all bc mothernature isnt working fast enough for John!! Smh!! Sooo, here I am 3am until now researching these damn co2 bags and boxes. Sooo, one question…When we bought this second one it says break up the wax thing. when we tried to do that…only like a thin outside layer of wax came off (very ok bit) and what was left were what looks like and feels like 2 wood pieces that WOULD NOT break up. Which seemed odd to me bc there was very very little stuff that came off for me to mix up in the bag. And we could NOT break it down anymore…Used tools and everything it would not break any further so we figured that was it. But looking at this video u had A LOT more then me and it looked super easy for u to break wax up then mix! Definitely not like that over here…idk. Maybe it was right…maybe not….but im gonna defend this box with my life this time. Even if I gotta run to home depot and buy some mushrooms and put in that bitch myself..So Mr. CO2 Expert (John 🙄) doesn't trash ($35) AGAIN!! Lol. Soo I guess my question is…does that sound right to u? (Not John, the wax thing in my bag lol) it only broke off outer layer of wax…what was left looks like 2-thick sticks. And we tried to break up these "sticks". But not even a match for Robo-Douche (yes, John) he tried pliers, a hammer, everything short of throwing it out AGAIN!! COULD JUST BE the way this bag is..right? Just gotta let it be and run its course..I guess! Hopefully, Wonder John SEES (🙄👌🏽)the CO2 falling from this one…so it has a chance to stay outta the trash and work for the girls!!!

  3. These bags are the biggest RIP OFF! I run co2 tanks and co2 ain’t cheap so I decided to get one and see if it would at least take some of the load off my tanks. I wasent expecting much maybe 100ppm above ambient. I have not seen any increase at all and I mean zero! Nada! Ina sealed grow space 4×8. And I know this bc I have a co2 monitor and controller. This stuffs straight snake oil. Don’t waste your money. You never see anyone actually measure the co2 in these videos.

  4. Why not make ethanol (from sugar and yeast) and get 50% of the weight of sugar in CO2 – and also get a nice fuel product at the same time? You could make enough for a year for 1 plant for about $1-2

  5. CO2 bags should be refillable. You could just add more organic material (like from sterilised spent plants), and retain abit of the old stuff. Of course, then yall won't be able to sell a new one every few months


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