How To Deter Critters with a Noise Maker

How To Deter Critters with a Noise Maker

My rascally critters are getting the goods just as they’re ripening. In this case, my tomatoes! I love critters. I do, but c’mon folks, I didn’t put all this effort in for them. Ok, they can have 10%, but that is it! This “How To” on how to deter animals with noise isn’t fool proof, but I’ve already seen evidence where it’s made a difference!

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  1. This really does work. I have fenced my garden in for rabbits and other ground critters. I hung 8" tin foil pie pans around the garden with zipties but string would work as well. It is a 24/7 noise maker as long as there is the slightest of a breeze. It works so well that I was even fooled by it when I first hung them. I was like what is that racket?! Not only does it do good for sound but the flashing from the sun reflection helps as well.

  2. I use to put plastic snakes in the garden but you have to move them around every day or so. A 410 or a 20 gauge works too but you cannot be out there all day!
    Hope they keep 'em out for you Brent!

  3. Looks like that should work here. We don't have many still days around here. That ticks me off when the birds peck the tomatoes too. I've had to pick them a day or two early, just to keep them off.


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