How To Construct Vertical Grow Towers

How To Construct Vertical Grow Towers

I’ve had some interest and questions regarding the vertical towers and how i constructed them so I created this video to show how I did it. As I said in the video, I think this will work out great. I’m still working on different plant tolerances and spacing in the vertical growing towers. I hope to improve my grows. Thanks for watching and share what you have to say and ask any questions you have!

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  1. Hello there sir, I am just wondering if the ppm of the strawberry is the same ppm as the lettuce? Do you change the nutrient of strawberry when it's the flowering stage?

  2. Question: Skipping a plant – does that build up algae/fungus inside of the unit because of light access? Also, I couldn't see for sure – is this schedule 40 or 20 PVC? If 40, do you think we could use 20?

  3. Wow, this is the most simple effective design I've seen. I have seen the slit heat dowel method. This hole heat dowel method seems easier to form the pockets with less heat time and less tearing risk. As mentioned, the tower remains more rounded than the slit method. I love it!

  4. Hi sir,

    I would like to aks you some questions? Why do you make roles? In other channels the people make just slices not roles. How much watts has your heater? And how the system works? I mean, inside the pipe, how the water flows from top. Do you use any kind of sprayer?

    Thank you!

  5. Hi Brent! Thank you for this wonderful video! I have been looking for how-to of vertical NFT rain tower that is not complicated and I found yours. I was really in awed! Bit question here, with the 3/4 inch hole – what size of pot did you use? I am using 2 inch pot.

  6. Just wondering, why don't you use net pots and forego potting soil all together? I'd like do a similar system and I'm trying to figure out exactly how to mold the PVC to hold a 2" net pot.

  7. Thanks, man! We are doing a student research project and this is really helpful. My question is, can the holes be made larger? Obviously we'll need a bigger drill bit but have you used a larger hole size? Also, you're only heating the bottom half of the hole and stretching that so that you can clean it easier, right? Thanks again.


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