How to Choose the Right Inline Air Ducting Fan for Hydroponics

How to Choose the Right Inline Air Ducting Fan for Hydroponics — The Inline Duct Blower features high power motor and an aerodynamically designed shape for any soil, soilless, aeroponic, or hydroponic setup. It is able to move air through long stretches of ducting , grow light reflectors or carbon filters. Exchange stale air with fresh air by using the inline duct fan for an intake or exhaust. Help keep temperature or humidity under control and cool your grow room quickly.


1. Brand new in box ready to be operated upon arrival
2. Powerful and efficient performance
3. High performances & static pressure to overcome the resistance caused by long ducting
4. Backward curved impeller to ensure quite operation possible
5. Balanced motor with permanently lubricated ball bearings for vibration-free operation & continuous running
6. Moisture resistant – great for use in damp environment
7. Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up
8. Solid metal construction with powder coated housing
9. Pre-mounted leg stands for horizontal/vertical mounting or on floor using
10. Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications
11. CE certificated


* Hydroponics
* Electronic cabinet cooling
* Clean room modules
* Heat exchangers
* Air filtration
* Air showers
* Pharmaceutical equipment
* Semiconductor industry




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Written by Grow Ace

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  1. Hey bro what do you recommend I have a 2×4 and honestly I’m dealing with heat problems I run 2 phlizon 1200 watt side by side so it gets pretty hot in there I currently have my ac with piping blowing air in but I need something g that’s gonna pull that hot air out at a good rate to keep it fresh

  2. My suggestion is to get a dan bigger than you need and one with a speed potentiameter. They are rated to move air and that CFM does not take into account addition of a filter m, which decreases its capabilities.

    The speed adjustment will allow you to turn down the fan, sail in the perfect amount of flow, and run much quieter than a fan that is smaller and higher rpm.

  3. negative pressure helps keep the odour inside the tent and pass through the filter. if you have equal or more pressure then good luck with sharing a toilet with Big Dave in cell block C

  4. Yo Ace,
    I built a 5x4x5 grow tent, I'm using cfl's and led bulbs to grow 3 plants. What air system do you recommend to extract the inside air? At the moment there are to small fans on the inside,one being a Vortex. I am exhausting warm air through ducting connected to a double window fan that can be switched from cool or exhaust that gives a good negative pressure..,
    Thanks in advance

  5. i have just bought a 3x3x6 tent and a 600w dimmable hps. is that what this set up is? will a 4in inline fan and duct be suitable for cooling the light and filtering the air? i plan on pushing the air outdoor via dryer vent.

  6. If I don't have an air cooled reflector as shown in this video, can I just place the fan outside the tent and connect it to the charcoal filter inside for adequate air circulation?

  7. If you have a small enough tent, lets say 2'x2'x40", like mine is, do you even need anything else other than passive intake with one of those fancy fans? I ask because where I live has an average ambient temperature of 85 degrees. And I wanna keep the temp inside my tent exactly the same. Is one of these fans good enough to maintain that temperature or do I need an active intake fan also?

  8. You don't need that particular setup. What I do for a budget grow is just connect the duct fan on the roof of it and have the air be exhausted. If you have a air-cool reflector, just get some ducting to connect the fan to the reflector for cooling. If the smell of your garden is an issue, then the setup we show in the video is what I recommend. Hope this helps!

  9. i have a 5x2x10 100cfm is what i require but im kinda broke is it ok, to use LEDwholesalers GYO2402 6-Inch 240 CFM Air Duct Inline Hydroponic Booster Fan? or do i need this one to suck air trough filter blow trough cooltube toweards outside and anoter one like yours to pull in air? mine isnt a grow tent its an actual room. but its an outdoor closet..

  10. Wow, people need to start using new technology; HPS and MH are just way to hot and inefficient. You need to start using MI lights, just google "biosonictech" and look at the MI lights available.

    MI lights are def the way to go these days. Good luck!

  11. wow i have a 40x40x78 ,and my tent did the same thing in the video all the walls puled inword so on the out side i have a cage fan from stanley three speed on all day and night blowing in vent opening.but this is the veg stage.what can i do when i go flowering and switch too 12/12 can i put the inline on a timer and have it come on when the lights are on?

  12. @MPlace08 Great question! Unless you allow air vents to help decrease pressure in your grow tent, 190 CFM for that size grow area will be too much. We carry booster fans that are smaller CFM at that can accommodate your grow tent.


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