How I Silenced the RV Pump (Some)

How I Silenced the RV Pump (Some)

When we travel, we use the RV pump quite a bit. But, it’s noisy! So, I had to do something. This is what I came up with. Final product would cost about $50 if bought by someone pieced out.

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  1. I know this is a old video and hope you get this message but my water pump noise is the bane of my existence!! (my wife says i'm obsessed and I agree LOL). what I ended up doing (besides a accumulator tank) was added pipe insulation (home depot) all over our rig (big 5th wheel) every place I could get to where the hard pex tubing rattled against wood and side walls. Made a huge difference (yeah got a silencing kit on it too)

  2. Good video about a sore subject that comes standard with all RV's! I found an option that is easier to make and is quieter. Mounting a pump on any type of hard surface will create a resonating sound board that amplifies sound. Discard the piece of plywood and the open cell foam. Purchase a pool noodle at a dollar store for a couple of bucks. Cut a section of the noodle an inch or so longer than the base of the pump. Slit one side of the noodle through to its hollow core and spread it open. Mount the pump directly on top of the opened noodle using stainless steel wood screws that are long enough to pass through the base, the noodle, and into the floor. Tighten the screws only enough that they begin to slightly compress the foam. Pool noodles are made of closed cell foam and will not absorb water. My cheapo original equipment pump went from sounding like an unmuffled radial aircraft engine to one that you cannot hear at all!

  3. The trouble with a quite pump is you don't know when its running. I understand it can get annoying.
    I live on a boat and if I have a leak in my fresh water system I know it by the pump cycling.
    Sometimes nose is a good thing.




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Quick Walk though of the Vertical Mud Crab Farm 2.0