How I Plumb the FAWN Hydroponic System for the Winter Greenhouse

How I Plumb the FAWN Hydroponic System for the Winter Greenhouse

The hydroponic FAWN concept is the exact same, but in tight quarters and shortened platforms on two levels. I had to plumb it differently because of those changes required to fit into the Winter Greenhouse. I managed to do that and everything is looking good! I am growing Tomatoes, Peppers, Squash, Broccoli, Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Corn, and Beans in a hydroponic re-circulating system I call FAWN which stands for “Flowing, Aerated, Wicking, Nutrient”. It’s time to get growing. _______________________________________

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  1. super cool, thanks for the update. I'm doing rain gutters in both of my greenhouses. The only affordable gutters we have here are the k style, which are kinda awkward, but they work. Also I realized that the end caps are ridiculously priced, so in my cheapness I just created end caps out of the gutters themselves. Should have videos up in the next week to two weeks.

  2. A lot of work! Are you keeping the plants you start in there in the Winter Greenhouse? Or is it just a jump start to then move them to the Summer Greenhouse? Or both? Just nosey….hee hee. You can plant tropicals in the Winter Greenhouse ooooooo.

  3. Thanks. Starting to think what I will do this year. Giving me food for thought. Starting to get the itch one more time. Another 30 days before I start seed where I am. Will see how yours do before I start! Good job.


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