How Does Your Lettuce Grow? How to grow hydroponic lettuce / easy DIY Hydroponics

How Does Your Lettuce Grow? How to grow hydroponic lettuce / easy DIY Hydroponics

A quick update on the garden box that we changed out a few weeks ago. We have been eating off of this for over a week. Time to harvest once again. See how easy and clean it is to grow your own lettuce and leafy greens.EBook shows how to do this and many other exciting projects:

Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

The best thing you can ever do is INVEST in yourself. Believe it or not, whatever level you are on now, $100 can CHANGE your LIFE. Whatever reason you are trying to grow a YouTube channel, funnels can help you. Whether you like it or not, you are marketing your channel. Check out free info here and I will always be there for you to help you through it:

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  1. mike fantastic love the hints and ideas you have come up with. i showed wife some of the videos and she has decided she want to do a full range of herbs. i'd love to make some of the downspout planters but the largest home depot carries here is 2 x 3 so debating to order it in or or try the 2×3. i use a mix for my hydroponics of master blend – calcium nitrate- epsom salt . and found an app for my phone called "MB hydrocalc" that i am going to try out to see how close it comes for nutriets and numbers with an EC test there is also a PC version i can post link if you link or people can do a search ( masterblend fertilizer calculator )

  2. Ok I've been looking for some of this style containers for lettuce specifically!! Where can we find them??? PLEASE HELP!! and I'm not having luck with mixed solution from General Hydroponics Flora.. so I am gonna have to check out master blend!! Also how do you mix master blend in one of ur spouts?? Like how much of what per gallon!! Finally made a version of urs!! Found the down spout at home depo

  3. I have some spouts set up like yours now with romaine seedlings. Have you tried romaine ? I'm in south Alabama and have it set in morn sun and afternoon shade. Have you had good luck with it ??

  4. Your salad looks great!!! Amazing how fast it grew. How do you keep pest off your lettuce?
    Is it different that dirt planting & pest? What zone are you in? I'm in zone 9 and I just planted lettuce, tomatoes, swiss chard & peppers. Looking forward to the bok choi.



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