Hot Water Seed Treatment: Germination Trial

Hot Water Seed Treatment:  Germination Trial

I had significant disease on my tomato plants this year. It was exclusively on tomatoes. Last year, I had a big issues as well in the beginning, but not as bad. I now feel like the disease settled into the seed so I started off at a disadvantage. I stumbled across hot water treatment of seeds as a potential fix. I know that my “do it all” spray helps eliminate most issues in the tomatoes, but I didn’t spray much this year because, as a breeder, I wanted to expose the plants to disease so as to pick the strongest plants to carry forward. But, I need to start from clean seed so I’m exploring hot water treatment of seeds to that end. I know seed companies treat their seeds in various ways. This is my approach to treat them. It’s very interesting to me. This is the first of several trials and it’s only for germination purposes and learning what seeds can actually take prior to next year’s grow-outs.

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  1. How very cool, err hot in this case. I've never heard of this, but since I do save my own seed I saved this link. I would have thought 10 min in boiling water would kill most seeds. Isn't it amazing how seeds work? I just cleaned out my garden. We are getting snow Thurs!!! I have Cucumber seeds soaking day two to save. So much work to do now. Low temp Thurs is 13* or I would have just covered everything. Dangut!! Would have loved a few more weeks, but it is what it is. Much love to you and yours!



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