Growing Squash Vertically

Growing Squash Vertically

I’ve decided that growing squash the way I’ve done it here is the way forward for me. All my focus has been keep size under control and determining if it’s viable. Now, I’m finding that pollinating them if fairly easy if you get out early in the morning provided there are male flowers available. I see growing 3 or 4 varieties in two FAWN gutters next season. This video is likely the last video focused only on squash. I may give a general greenhouse update that’ll have some squash stuff in it. _______________________________________

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  1. Beautiful.  Glad you bumped into my channel – us vertical squash growers got to stick together. Something I've noticed (but will not be able to confirm till next year)  I seem to have a larger yield growing them vertical. I'll have to check my numbers, but if I am remembering correctly, my five plants produced right around 45~50 edible fruit. I have big plans for my next crop. 🙂


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