Growing Rainbow Chard in a 5 gallon Kratky container

Growing Rainbow Chard in a 5 gallon Kratky container

Getting down and dirty with my rainbow chard. Winter is coming and the basil is done for the season. Time to change out the 5 gallon non circulating off grid container and put in some Swiss chard that will be able to survive the colder weather.

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  1. I really want to get into this I don’t have a lot or light but I am willing to buy the lighting to take the place of the sun I have a problem with how much master blend I need to mix per gallon of water I have ordered the ph meter to measure the ph of the water I need help with the mixture of the nutrients

  2. Hey Mike, Another great video. I have a question for you about the bucket lids. I'm going to try my hand at growing some Brussels sprouts. Since they have a long growing season (well into the fall) and can get pretty tall, I was thinking about using these bucket lid pots to give them room to grow and provide some stability. How are these buckets for tall top-heavy plants like that? If you haven't tried Brussels, have you tried anything similar? (I've also found a source for 8" pot bucket lids, case of 25 for $46.58 incl. shipping, so that's ~$1.86/ea. For some reason the 6" pot lids like you show here are $67 but that's still just $2.68 ea. and still beats the $5-6 price by a long shot. If you are interested, I'll provide the link.)

  3. Nice demonstration of simplicity, for leafy greens your pool noodle clone collars are ideal. I only use larger net pots for my bigger Kratky plants like tomatoes, peppers, melons, and passion fruit. That 5-gallon bucket is simple for extended harvests off a single plant without worrying about nutrient top offs. Have you considered using a bucket lid, in which you insert the plant from the gutter with the collar intact? You could get the 5-gallon bucket benefit, with the gutter technique simplicity.


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