Growing greens / Easy DIY Hydroponics

Growing greens / Easy DIY Hydroponics

Basil grown in a non-circulating hydroponic container goes 2 1/2 months with no care whatsoever. No watering or weeding, just harvesting and eating. We will let it continue to see how long it last. Also, check out the microgreens that are also planted in a carefree container. The easiest way to grow leafy greens. Easy DIY hydroponics.

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Supplies and seed that I use that can’t be found at local home improvement stores:

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  1. Hello I’m just trying to have something to keep busy I’ve been disabled for quite some years now the only problem I have with this is how much master blend to mix per gallon that’s all I need to know thanks

  2. Hey Mike, it's my biggest luck to know your channel before starting something while I was planning to do so in my house. Your videos are so cool and so informative, thank you million times that you share these amazing information and experience with world, you are a hero. Cheers from Istanbul, Turkey.

  3. Hi Mike just found your video a ton of questionswhat kind of nutrients do you use?,how did you form your down spout? Do you have an archive so i do not have to ask so many questions?. later

  4. Hi there Mike. I wondered which plants do best for you in the winter on the porch and how do you preserve those that don't do so well with weather changes. I was thinking I may need a lighting system for the winter months.

  5. I had been looking for something like this to try at home in my small space garden,,I am gonna hunt down some containers to put some together,,,,thanks again
    Marty Ware


New Seedless Tomato:  Dawn

New Seedless Tomato: Dawn

Greenhouse in extreme cold climate - Kazakhstan

Greenhouse in extreme cold climate – Kazakhstan