in – How to Calibrate Your PH Meter for Hydroponics and Nutrients - How to Calibrate Your PH Meter for Hydroponics and Nutrients

Adjusting your PH Meters for correct readings are very important. This is a step by step video on how to correctly calibrate your PH Meter. This ensures accurate reading on how acidic or alkaline your water or nutrient feed is.
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  1. Hi Thank you for the video. I have the same type of PH meter and am a little confused about the calibration process. I get the first part – use the screwdriver to adjust to PH 6.8. The second part though – use the screwdriver to adjust to 4.0, does this second adjustment not throw out the first?
    That is, if after adjusting in the 4.0 buffer, I rinse the electode, and put it back in 6.8 buffer, the reading will no longer be 6,8.
    Hope this is not a stupid question!

  2. I would suggest you NOT plunge the meter into the container beyond the depth of the meter cap. The cap on my meter measures 1¾ " or 4½ cm. This will damage the meter. Keep the depth of the solution to 1 inch or so to prevent liquids from entering the electrode internals. To clean the electrode, rinse the electrode tip with distilled water to remove any contaminants that might affect the reading, and shake the electrode to remove any distilled water still left in the chamber. Also, do this before and after plunging the electrode in a different buffer solution.

    The instrument's pH must be re-calibrated whenever:

    – The electrode has been used(laid) for a long time from the last calibration
    – The electrode has been used in particularly taxing conditions.

    – The utmost accuracy is required

    In the event that you run out of buffer solution packets, here is a list of other household items and their pH you could use.

    Hope this helps…

  3. you can buy a bottle of green testing fluid that is exactly 7.0 and you only need little each test so the bottle lasts for quite some time. Its called Standard Reference Solution and is made by a company named General Hydroponics (the same company that makes ph Up and ph Down ).

  4. I have new PH meter but here is a problem . When I use PH meter in direct sun light PH show very high & when I go in to room light then PH show very low please help me what can I do about this

  5. now that you have calibrated the ph meter with these buffers can the meter still read higher like 10.7 for ormu making or do I have to get a higher buffer powder to calibrate it to a higher ph

  6. This is a piece of shit,made in china should have known better……..says 9.8 no matter what I do distilled water 6.0 or 4.0 it doesn't matter buddy I think you sell crap.

  7. I have this meter and I doesn't stabilize. If I try to read distilled water at room temperature which id 7.0 PH or with the mix the reader fluctuates and doesn't stop to give a constant reading. In the PH 4.00 @ 25C power the reader jumps from 3.86 to 4.35 an ever has stabilzes after 5 times of trying this. Quality product,

  8. Thats the same piece of crap I bought, it won't read calibrate as easy it looks here.. Putting it in the 6.8 solution, it just sits and flashing up and down from 0.x to 2.0, and turning the potentiometer with screwdriver makes it go up or down, but it won't reach beyound 2.0, it will flash a big "1" with spaces then a decimal. (The underscore is invisble on the reader) I think it means an error that the potentiometer was turned to far left or right. I'm really frustrated right now. lol

  9. This might sound like a daft question but I'm going to ask it anyway as I know nothing about this subject but am just getting into it.

    Why can't you simply put your meter into distilled water and calibrate it from the reading you get from that Ie zero presumably as it will be de ionised water?

  10. Thanks for the video. How long does the meter stay calibrated? I'm a little concerned after using these Ph packets, it's going to get uncalibrated and I will need to find these ph bags again.

  11. i bought the PH Meter to test the alkaline level of my drinking water after i filter it so i could hopefully get a reading of 9 or higher. Does this meter serve that purpose? 


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