in – Grow Tent Setup Hydroponics - Grow Tent Setup Hydroponics — In this video, product specialist Matt T. explains the inside and out of our grow tents. grow tents, when chosen correctly, will help benefit any indoor garden or grow. Matt gives clear and detailed specifications about the many vent options, free flow air vents, ducting options, and other information for indoor grow lighting systems for either soil, aeroponics, or hydroponic setups. Great for novice or expert growers.




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  1. Bait and switch ???

    I ordered a yieldlab tent and received a repackaged tent that wasn't even the brand I ordered.

    1.) The box came damaged and obviously it had been a return as the box had been repackaged with duct tape on it.

    2.) There were no instructions for assembling the tent.

    3.) Items were loose in the box and not even in packaging

    4.) The grow tent is not even the brand I ordered, I ordered specifically a YieldLab tent and I was shipped a cheaper brand HydroCrunch tent.

    Please rectify this asap.

  2. Growace my question is what size tent should I use with my bubbleponics with a maxed 6 plants. And the lights I'm going to use are 3000k soft white CFLs. I just need the right sized grow tent for my 6 girls using my bubbleponics tank. Oh and one more thing can you reccomend any small fans and is it necessary for ducting too. Thnx😁

  3. Agreed. Not all competitively priced grow tents are 100% light proof, but they sure are 99% light proof. I personally have bought a high end $500 grow tent with pinhole light penetration and light penetration in small curves and stretches in the seams. It's just the nature of the product but a little black duct tape can go a long way.

  4. Very legit. We're a small business here in Southern California. Every email, comment, or advice are from real people. Give us a call, I promise we'll make your skepticism go away.

  5. does this come with lights socket bulbs or do i have to buy them myself i know i need to buy the light tho just brought this tent from ebay 3 SIZE HYDROPONICS GROW TENT GROW ROOM TENT BOX BUD ROOM 0.8m 1m 1.2m 1.6m 2m i brought the 80x80x160cm

  6. well if you are ever going to get any grow gear you should go to your town hydroshop and grab it first hand. You may spend a few more bucks but you no it will be good to go. sorry to hear about your tent tho

  7. @ryang254 Yes, you would need a ballast. Depending on the HID bulb you're using depends on whether you would need a digital ballast or the more traditional magnetic ballast. Hope this helps and thanks for your comment!

  8. @TheGOWPRODIGY Yes we do. Visit and go to the Grow Tent section to find our 4×4 tents (48x48x78). At the moment they are currently out of stock. Should be available again in a few weeks.

  9. @kevveye Great question! eBay and anything similar to that site is the only place we do not price match with. Because it is difficult to determine the brand or quality of the items eBay sellers carry, we cannot successfully price match with them. Thanks for your comment!

  10. @29hdoc I know exactly which comment you are referring to and we have since corrected his issue due to an incorrect grow tent being shipped to him. The GA 400w Hobbyist Series Grow Package comes with the 48x24x60 (4ft. x 2ft. x 5ft.) grow tent and it includes all the upgrades you see in this video. Hope this information is helpful! Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns! 🙂

  11. @Tensidy That's an awesome price, however the dimensions on their site claim that tent to be 26.5in x 13.5in x 5.5in which is much smaller compared to the one we carry, so that's probably why the price is $20 dollars cheaper. But whichever size works best for you, I hope you have an amazing grow!

  12. @Tensidy A bubbleponic system is definitely a great setup! If the price is a bit steep, have no fear because we have a 'Best Price Guarantee' offer where we match the price+shipping of the same grow tent from another competitor if it's cheaper. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


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